Delivery to my office 05.24.2005.

Delivery contents:

envelope front
envelope back
paper front
paper back
a snippet of paper with a postmark

Juls 06.24.2005
Just got back, don't have much time ATM, but I wanted to point out a possible connection between the weathermap (paper
front) and the photocopied article sent in this previous delivery:

which discusses some left-wing terrorist group who went by the name of the 'Weathermen' - 
maybe the 'Weathermen' moved to Europe? 

postmark - LCCHS ("Lahore Cantonment Cooperative Housing Society" apparently), Lahore 54792 - location of various
institutions including Allama Iqbal Medical College & Lahore University of Management Sciences - seems like the 
regular kind of location for these guys, though Pakistan itself appears to be fairly new ground - don't recall 
much in the way of previous mentions, except perhaps for the Urdu in the recent delivery which is still awaiting 

Re "U-bud's" message, here:

Note the missing letters in "annoucement" and "Brotherhod" - "no" maybe?

paper back - article from Le Monde, here it is on their website:,1-0@2-3246,36-639046@51-627791,0.html

It's dated 14.04.05 which confirms, if nothing else, that the page is from April of 2005. 

Bryan, is what looks like a blue ink mark on the weathermap border just above the name 
'Stockholm' original?  It does look like a deliberate mark.

envelope back: "Christi himmelfardsdag, 2005" - this was 5th May - 05/05/05! Note, spelling seems to be a bit mixed up -
from what I can gather 'himmelfardsdag' seems to be the Swedish spelling, but it would be 'Kristi' not 'Christi'. 'Christi' would
be right for Germany but then it would be 'himmelfahrt'.  Maybe someone in that part of the world could confirm.

hance - the mark wasn't my mark, so it's probably deliberate.
sjwk 06.27.2005
From trawling the web on the franked postmark on the snippet of paper.  54792 seems to be (I'm guessing) the 
postal code for the Lahore region in Pakistan.  At the same postal code is a depository for the International 
Monetary Fund, at the Lahore University of Management Science - which fits nicely with the financial/monetary 
theme that's often present.

Haven't figured out what LCCHS stands for, but it also seems to be tied into the address for that area.

>From the Envelope back, Christi Himmelsfardsdag is Ascension Day.

Beacon 07.14.2005
Post code on the paper front 54792 is Lahore in the Punjab region of Pakistan.

Jacob 07.20.2005
The writing on the envelope back appears to be Swedish...  Christi is Christ (though should be spelled Kristi in Swedish)
himmel->heaven, färd->journy, dag->day, so Christ's Journy to Heaven Day (check out  In English, I believe this is Ascension, and in 2005 fell on the 5th of

Question:  What's under the pasted-on address correction on the envelope front?

bhance - I think it was a corrected address for our previous Student Media address, but I'll dig it out and check

anonymous 06.20.2005
Should mention that, like someone mentioned with an earlier delivery, Ascention is a 'Red Letter Day' on the Swedish
calander, and the color of the envelope makes this also a 'red letter'.

Looking for a clue as to the date of the paper clipping...  Don't understand any french, but the message board here shows a reference to the LSD soundsystem 
concert in paris on April 20, 2005...  so the weather report is probably 'current'.

Juls 08.25.2005
Thanks for answering my question on the blue mark Bryan.  I had suspicions that it was them that put it there, and that it
was deliberate - though it's kinda difficult to tell looking at it here on my non-flat screen, the mark seems to line up with,
thereby indicating, Rome.

Juls 11.29.2005
 Re. the Pakistan postmark - note the posthorn between the star and crescent - like the one that featured in / on the cover
of Pynchon's "Crying of Lot 49" - I could probably say more but I haven't read the book yet, may be some sort of analogy intended
or some link with the announcement(s?) where Pynchon is quoted (Mayday 2004).

..or maybe it has to do with 'Gustav Karlsson HORN' ??

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