Delivery to my PO Box ~05.19.2009

Delivery contents: Three pieces of paper re: Pretoria and South Africa, stapled and annotated, see below:

(The 'bleed through' you see on these is just a byproduct of my scanner, by the way ...)

Beacon 06.02.09
Postmark Las Vegas

Re issued Liberty Bell stamp not the old 41 cent but the new stamp which lasts forever.

Page 1 Pretoria fits in with the South Africa theme  in the ADW announcements.
i thik the Statue is Kruger of "Kruger rand" fame with the Pretoria Parliament House in the background.

Calvinia fits in with the Many Calvin references ther is a Dutch Reform Church there. The dutch King WILLIAM III (also circled) was the Protestant King who took the throne of England from the Catholic James II making the monarchy Protestant. Mind you he was married to James' Daughter Mary.
I might draw to your attention that the first and only South African Nuclear Power plant is at Koeberg, just north of Melkbosstrand about 35 km North of Cape Town on that West coast.

bhance below is via freaks 221 which was sent in via this page on 09.29.09
Name: U Bud

Email: wallwalker

Comments: Beacon!!! Koeberg!----we lub U dude.  Jes git an de RIGHT side while der tyme, tyme sweet tyme, ebby 
tick and ebby tock bring de Fire Cleansing closah.

Envelope and stamps
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3

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