Delivery to my PO box ~4.16.2004. An outer mailing envelope with a red envelope inside, containing 2 pages.

Brian 05.22.2008

Second Envelope,

The hebrew letter is obviously yod. I want to take this opportunity to remind
you that the Kabbalah teaches that letters are incredibly important. Each letter
has its own properties and power. Think of them as elements which combine to
produce different results. Kabbalah also teaches that the most important or
powerful things often appear small or hidden. Thus the most powerful letter of
the Hebrew alphabet is yod.	

Delivery contents:

outer envelope
envelope 1
envelope 2
page 1.
page 2.

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Bob: 05.19.2004
clue:  You gotta give them this: they are creative. Love the stamps. And the cartoon is one of the funniest I've ever seen.

Rich 05.20.2004
clue:  Re :

Brian, The way that astrological chart is mangled, it appears like it is a fax copy that had problems during transmittal. (Can any of our cluesters read the chart and determine the date / astrological interpertation ?)

Mike: 05.20.2004
page 1 is part of an astrological star chart. It seems to be made for some very early morning hour on June 19, 2006.

page 2 is from a great collection of scientific comics that can be found at It is nz103.
I hope it is not a warning that even observers have a probability of being hurt.

bhance- - (comic is here) man, nice catch - how the *hell* did you match up that comic?
Krystal 06.10.2004
Page 1 looks like an astrological chart or star chart

Beacon 06.01.2004
clue:  Page one is an astrological chart showing the moon and I think Saturn in Aries.

Parts of Pisces and Taurus can also be seen. The lines with squares and triangles represent relationships (aspects) between
different heavenly bodies. The whole circle is 360 degrees and a planet which is 90 degrees form another is said to be
"square" I think the Tringle represents "trine" i.e. a seperation of 120 degrees. Usually the position of the planets Moon
and Sun at the time of birth are used. I have never seen any (and believe me I have looked) convincing evidence that there
is ANY signifigance to the position of bodies in the sky and events on Earth or on personalities apart from people
believing that they have. although I do not deny that someone born at a particular time of the year might be the oldest and
biggest in his class at school and this might in turn lead to engendering a belief and success as a sports star or business

It is odd that religious zealots use astrology. Maybe they wish to indicate a particular date. As someone conversant with
AstronOMY it is easy to check when Saturn was in Aries but the astrological Aries is not where the actual Aries is and
astrologers vary on this as well. the Moon will be in a particular position once a month. is a link which will show you various bodies artificial and actual.
Saturn can be seen in Gemini (near Castor and Pollox  two bright stars in the north west above and left of where the Sun
sets) just after Sunset at the moment.

Page two is a humourous take on quantum physics probability and uncertainty and the observer affecting the experiment (or
vise versa in this case). I think the bottom right says "NICK" 

Dan: 06.24.2004
The hebrew letters on the first envelope add up to a numerological value of 1207 I believe.  The letter on the second
envelope is 10.

Juls 11.27.2004
The astrological chart shows the symbols for the Moon and the North Lunar Node (not Saturn).  The lunar nodes mark
the places where the moon crosses the ecliptic - the North Node is where it crosses from south to north (at the South Node
it crosses from north to south).  The chart appears to show the moon conjuct the North node in Aries.  The nodes move in a
retrograde motion through the constellations.  Thus this chart indicates a point at which the moon is moving across the
ecliptic from south to north whilst in Aries.  This aspect therefore marks a precise point in time - Mike gives a date here
which may be right but I can't check it cos I don't have an up-to-date ephemeris.

 A note on the stamps - 5 x Gadsden Purchase, 5 x 300th Anniversary of New York, 5 x Gadsden Hall, 4 x Pharmacy - 19 is a lot
of stamps to use on one piece of mail, numbers must be relevant.  Gadsden Purchase has come up elsewhere I gather.  Gunston Hall,
for those non-Americans like myself, was the home of George Mason, author of the Virginia Declaration of Rights:

Stephan 12/07/2018
the hebrew on the envelope is from Mishnah Avot 2:3 :

"Be careful about the government, as they approach a man only when they need him. They seem like good friends in good times, 
but they don't stay for him in time of his trouble."