Delivery to my office 03.24.2005.

Box contained

  • a red letter
  • a plastic bag containing a white letter with highlight and a smaller portion taped to the cutout
  • a small cardboard cutout with arabic writing on it, and a small white soap wrapper

    ... and $257 in $1 bills, not pictured here.

    Delivery contents:

    the box
    general contents
    a letter (read below)
    letter contents
    white page 1
    white page with top folded back
    arabic (?) snippet, and a soap wrapper

    Juls 03.31.2005
    Hi Bryan,
    I hate to be a nuisance, but could you possibly enlarge the arabic (it is arabic script btw) and set it so that it's straight
    please :).  I don't fancy that we'll get anyone who speaks arabic looking at it unless we're very lucky, so I was gonna have a bash
    and see what I can do - 'cept, with it being handwritten it's kinda hard to make out.
    Re. the soap wrapper - bit of an odd contribution, probs it'll be something to do with the construction of the wrapping, the way
    it's folded - but it may also be worth noting re the inclusion of Arabic text, that many Muslims regard Western soap products as
    unclean cos animal products are used in their manufacture from non-halal slaughtered livestock and possibly the forbidden pig.
    clue:  Re. the red letter, that's just about it being Easter I guess - a 'red letter day' - "The expression comes from the
    long-established practice of using red ink to indicate holy days in ecclesiastical calendars. A red-letter day--literally a day
    written in red letters--was a holy day, or church festival"
     Re the Australian Leatherwood soap wrapper - Leatherwood, Eucryphia lucida: "Leatherwood is a very common Tasmanian tree in
    wet forests from sub-alpine to lowland situations. It belongs to the family Eucryphiaceae that is closely allied to Rosaceae and
    Saxifragaceae. Four other species of Eucryphia occur in Australia, another endernic to Tasmania, E.milliganii, one in Victoria and
    New South Wales coastal districts, E.moorei, and two recently discovered species from Queensland, E.wilkiei and E.jinksii" It
    appears to be most notable for it's use in honey production, 70% of Tasmanian honey is produced from the nectar of its flowers.
    The binomial - 'Eucryphia' means 'well-covering', 'lucida' means shining/ bright / brilliant / full of light.
    Among other things, I wonder whether the number 257 is indicating the date 25/7 - the 25th July - although that's the
    British (and other's, I guess) way of writing it.  I reckon maybe these communications that they send are not just for the benefit
    of Bryan and us folks who look at this site - they could be communicating with each other through this stuff - I mean, if they're
    using announcements in student newspapers for that, why not here also?  It would make sense of their encouragement that Brian keep
    it going, and insistence to be sure not to lose any of it.

    jg 04.01.2005
    The "Leatherwood Collection" soap, if you go here:
    Costs $25.70 for a carton of 400 (15gm soap squares).
    Not a coincidence, I suspect.
    Curiously enough, in this New Yorker story recently posted to their site about
    two mathematicians' quest for pi, there's this quote:
    "I need a fifteen-forty controller. . . . No! No! No! I don't need anything
    else! Just the controller! Just a naked unit! Naked! How much you charge?. . .
    Two hundred and fifty-seven dollars?'

    Juls 04.19.2005
    Bryan, I don't think that 'arabic snippet' is Arabic after all - I think that it's actually Urdu, which is written with a
    version of the Perso-Arabic script.  

    Beacon 05.26.2005

    clue:  Seems Juls is correct. I spoke to several people who said it was Urdu. Will see if I can translate later.
    clue:  As regards the letter and the Reference to Easter Sunday. The orphanage at least does accept the Roman calendar.
    I note in a recent message to you he also suggested he would meet me in person. He does not even know who I am.

    Juls 06.24.2005
    Don't know if this is kinda stretching things a bit but it's just something that I happened to notice.  
    On the "white page 1" in the line beneath that highlighted it states that the equations for the construction 
    of the 257-gon were given by Paucker in 1822.  1822 - 18:22 on the 24 hr clock would be 6.22 - 6.22 = 22nd 
    June, the date of the next scheduled announcement, that of which they say "but the scheduled nature could 
    only be read by the Brotherhod and the Pelagian devils"

    Juls 11.01.2005
    Re. Leatherwood - I was looking at the 10 March 1993 announcement and decided to read up a little on the history of the Pima
    County Courthouse building.  It seems that the second courthouse building was constructed on land purchased from a man named
    "A larger Courthouse was needed.  Additional land at the northwest corner of Pennington and Court Streets was purchased from stable
    owner and Sheriff Robert N. Leatherwood.  On this site a second, larger courthouse was built in 1881."
    On posting this, another thought occurs - the existing courthouse is built in what is called the 'Spanish Colonial' style, yet many
    of the elements of that style derive from Spain's time under Muslim rule - the dome, the 'Moorish arches', the courtyard - and here
    there would seem to be a tentative connection with the Urdu.  Urdu is the language of a Muslim country, Pakistan, and it is written
    with a script that derives from the Arabic which must have arrived there with the spread of Islam.  
    On the March 1993 announcement, it seems that they describe the painting of the courthouse as being the 'manifest' in 'plain view,
    where all the Pigs in the world can look but never see' - I guess one of the things you can see in that building is a kind of
    palimpsest of conquest, with the prominent influence of Islam.  Which brings me to another thing - the Augsburg Confession -
    'Confessio Augustana' June 25th 1530, which we all know and love -  was essentially an attempt to bring unity to Christendom in the
    face of the threat from the Muslim Turks.  The preamble of that document states:
    "Inasmuch as Your Imperial Majesty has summoned a Diet of the Empire here at Augsburg to deliberate concerning measures against the
    Turk, that most atrocious, hereditary, and ancient enemy of the Christian name and religion.. etc"
    So.. what does all this mean?  Good question lol. Btw, I attempted to do something with the Urdu text here - but it's utterly
    hopeless, no can do. :(

    Galilite 10.12.2006
    	Alternative meaning of 'Pelagians'
    Did you know that so-called Pelagian Sea is part of Mediterranean, between Tunisia and Italy?

    rina 04/02/2017
    the Urdu (not Arabic) text appears to be a prescription label with warnings, pretty much -
    Eat only with doctor's instructions / take as prescribed
    Keep out of children's reach
    Only sell with doctor's prescription
    It's weird because it looks written, and not like a typical pharmacy label, but I can't be sure. I don't really know what it could be linked to - hopefully someone can connect it to something else??

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