Delivery to my office 02.28.2005.

Delivery contents:

An envelope, which contained a
CD, which contained 5 .tif files.

Stamps closeup

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Beacon 03.11.2005
As alluded to in the phone message (mp3 file) Stamps on envelope corrspond to earlier posts. One is the 
stagecoach - a recurrent theme. Another is the gold rush gold prices and california recur. another 
is the Grand canyon. I remember a photograph from the cockpit of a plane. I believe I suggested (based 
on shadows suns position types of mountain trees etc. at that time it was in North West America. I do 
not know if the mountains in Nevada or around the grand canyon get high enough for snow. 

Finally is the Madonna and child. the reference may be to the year or to the gallery in Philadelphia but 
I find it odd for a staunchly Protestant source like the Orphanage using an Orthodox or Roman Church icon. 
Only in catholic churches (and in this I include the Anglican communion) does the Virgin seem to enjoy such 
an elevated status. The Lutherans don't accord her such esteem. And Luther IS a recurrent theme.

The tif images on the CD:

1 a space time diagram depicting how the horizon (the visible universe) gets larger as time moves forward.

2 ? Measurement of time dilation in different reference frames e.g. one considered "stationary" relative 
to another moving one.

3. More time dilation stuff

4. the fitzgerald drude lorentz contractions. i think fitzgerald is having an anniversary in 2005. Or is 
it Einstein for the photoelectric effect or relitivity? 

Anyway they are meant express the changes to length and time based on a moving versus "stationary" reference 
frame. I think they really only measure the consequences of the idea that similtaneous events are not really 
similtanuous (if you take the speed oflight in a vacuum as constant and assume you must get the same result to 
the same experiment no matter where you do it)

5. a projection of a sphere onto a circle. Interesting. If anyone is interested you might try this in reverse 
and see what coordinates you get on the Earth for the astrological chart you recently posted. but you do not 
know how high the sphere is above the plane so it is a waste of time!