Delivery to my PO Box ~02.15.2011, an envelope with a dollar inside. Both annotated.

Delivery contents:
Envelope front
Dollar front
Dollar back

lightningjim 03/16/2011

On the back:

In following the number order of the blue ink: In(1) ONE(2) God(3) We Trust(4)

For the black ink: "ORDO" and each letter of the ONE checked and underlined at different distances. ORDO EON?

Also I'm not sure what the blue text on the back of the Great Seal (pyramid) mean other than "It is"?	

Seth 05/02/2013
Okay, I cant tell you much about the lines and writing on the evnelope but I do know that Best Western. 
Ive driven pass it lots of times. That and a Mcdonalds/gas station are the most modern building in Wickenburg. 
Wickenburg is about 20 miles north west of Phoenix, small town not even on most maps of Ariz besides road maps. 
But if you are driving to Las Vegas from Phoenix you have to go thru Wickenburg. Ive notice that most of the 
letters are postmarked from Las Vegas, his leads me to think that maybe one or more of the freaks are based 
in Phoenix or at the very least Arizona.

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