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Poop 02.10.2007
page 2.. those four colors are associated with the Romance of the Three kingdoms, as the three kingdoms (red,
blue and green), with orange being the king of nanman rebelling against  the kingdom of Shu. Emperor Wen of Wei had
blue, Emperor Da of Wu had red

Whats even stranger is I /think/ page two is a game of chinese checkers.

Benjamin FH 02.13.2007
As you may have probably already guessed, this 10 peso 50 centavo stamp is indeed of Mexican origin.  Depicted
on this stamp is the ever comical Chavo del Ocho, an 8 year old kid whose naivete gets him in a lot of trouble and who
has a terrible fixation with tortas de jamon.  

You may be wondering "What's that got to do with anything."  Well, I think we're all paranoid enough to start
dissecting the number 10.50 into oblivion, but we can start with the obvious: The character El Chavo is an -orphan-.  

Though there's an obvious 'orphan'/'Orphanage' connection there with which the sender of this letter bashed us over
the head with, I doubt there's much else of a connection here.  There are, apparently, five stamps in this particular
collection, three of which have El Chavo in them: a 6.50 peso stamp, a 10.50 peso stamp, and a 14.50 peso stamp,
though I'm willing to bet the 10.50 one was chosen arbitrarily.  Interestingly enough, the stamp appears to be a first
day of issue stamp; due to the overwhelming popularity of El Chavo del 8, the damn thing's probably commemorative.

My final word on this stamp is this:  It was chosen to indicate that it, indeed, was from someone within the Orphanage
due to the prominence of the orphaned character on the stamp, and they chose -this- particular orphan because the
character is so popular in Latin America as well as in Spanish speaking communities in the US that the connection
would be almost tauntingly glaring.  

Anyway, excuse my minutia.

Doris L.
all that comes to mind is their obsession with design--but what an odd collection of designs--the more I look
at this particular batch the more it seems to be the theme of narrowing or zeroing down.  the mexican stamp is beyond
weird but that is true of almost everything they do--it's not weird after a while because it so beyond strange and
even amazing--I'm probably one the groups they plan to massacre but even so I don't get so much a feeling of menace as
that of being in the sights of some instrument that is focusing and focusing--if anybody knows about lasers they could
probably add a bunch to this goofy comment of mine but I do remember hearing that lasers are tuned--seems like they
are tuning some huge instrument that might not even be all in one place--trying to think of an analogy but not much
comes to mind except for the fascist uprising in Spain during the thirties where the revolt began simultaneously in
many places--only Seville could first be held but that was all they needed because Franco eventually crushed the
Loyalists--I wonder if we aren't seeing something like that--a dab here a dab there a little turn of the screw in
London and half a turn in Mexico City and so on.

bioeng -
	I realized that the Jestersgame board is not like the one in the patent. The one in the patent is the same as 
	the MDM picture. More search on this yielded nothing - I do not think that anyone makes this game. If this 
	is the case, the only way someone is going to find this is a chess nut searching the patent class - almost 
	sounds like a patent attorney. The board looks like it is made from Corian as do the geometrial shapes.

Beacon 03.05.2007

The watches:


Seem to have four world centres New York, London,Hong Kong Tokyo. I believe these are also major world stock markets. the time 10:08:37 or 22:08 seems to be common for display but not unique.

Note also the month dates differ 10, 20 and 25.

Page three I suspect expresses a mathematical ratio such as the golden section e.g. www.hypatia-lovers.com/geometry/Divine_Proportion.html www.dartmouth.edu/~matc/math5.geometry/unit2/unit2.html we have that type of thing before. It fits with the mathemaatical expressions. But are they something in themselves or do they point to something else?

chinese chequers has six sides and is in triangles. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_checkers

Possibly another play on square and triangular geometry?

I just looked at the next delivery (link) to this and my suspiscions on square and triangular geometry expressed in spirals seem to be confirmed. Mathematics in architecture and nature? whether the time pieces represent times and dates or just numbers?

Dan T. - 03.07.2007

Use Hebrew gematria, Greek isopsephia, Roman numerology or English gematria on the following numbers derived from the three watches to come up with some remarkable data about the Scriptures, God, Jesus, truth, wisdom, and many other Biblical facts.

Girard - Perrgaux are the manufacturers of the watches. Add up the English gematria value (1-26 = A-Z) of both names then convert the total to hexadecimal.

G(7) + I(9) + R(18) + A(1) + R(18) + D (4) = 57

P(16) + E(5) + R(18) + R(18) + E(5) + G(7) + A(1) + U(21) + X(24) = 115

57 + 115 = 172 = AC hex. AC is "After Christ"

The analogy of the watches is that of the three natures of the Godhead, three distinct personalities, yet all from the same manufacturer. They are synched in time (hours, minutes, and seconds) yet their days are different. I will list the watches in three rows beginning with the left watch in row #1, middle watch in row #2, and right watch in row #3. The columns represent the Day, Hour, Minute, and Seconds on each watch. Add up the numbers in each column separately then total all the columns into one number.

#1    25      10      09        37
#2    19      10      09        37
#3    10      10      09        37
        54  +  30  +  27  + 111 = 222

In the Bible, there are 222 verses with the word "truth" and 222 verses with the word "wisdom." Search the Internet to find other correlations with the number 222 in Scripture. Start with:


Divide the total of 222 by 3 (the three watches) to get 74, the English gematria value for JESUS:

J(10) + E(5) + S(19) + U(21) + S(19) = 74

Check out the following numbers that can be derived at by first multiplying all of the numbers in the watches by four:

  4 x   54 = 1 x 216 = 6 x   36
  4 x   30 = 1 x 120 = 6 x   20
  4 x   27 = 1 x 108 = 6 x   18
  4 x 111 = 1 x 444 = 6 x   74
16 x 222    4 x 888   24 x 148
  = 3552     = 3552     = 3552
  = DEO     = DEO     = DEO   (3552 converted to hex)
  = GOD    = GOD     = GOD

Tom B 04.04.2007
1st picture - its not the content of the images, its the space between them: the symbol for pi.
2nd picture - looks like the symbol for multiply
3rd picture - sorry couldn't come up with anything other than '6'

keegan: 04.05.2007
		there are four bushes prominently in the window of the white room with the telescope. there are four sides to the chess
game. four watches, too. maybe four authors to the puzzle?

genevastevens 04.18.2007
These wouldn't be coordinates and times again would they?
25degrees and 5 degrees or something like that.

Javaad 12.19.2007
	Long time reader first time poster, as they say. Did anyone think the pattern
looked like the pattern in the marble?a
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