Name: Perkins

Comments: This is more of a metacomment than a specific clue for this page:
there are several references to contemporary political events in these
documents. Not that many, and often veiled or obscure, certainly; but they are

We know that a strong and outdated anti-Catholicism* is the most prominent
ideological feature of these texts. What's been particularly interesting in the
years of the Bush presidency, I would imagine then, is the rapprochement of the
Protestant religious right with Catholic conservatives at the White House over
issues such as the prohibition of stem cell research, criminalization of
abortion, and several other forward-thinking policies. Imagine a Protestant
reactionary of 1960 being told that the eminence grise (Karl Rove) of a
three-decades-hence Methodist President took consistent and thorough moral
instruction from papalist sources such as Richard John Neuhaus.

I strongly suspect that the conspiratorial elements strongly outweigh social
issues for the author(s) of these documents, who are unlikely to favor strategic
political alignments with Rome. The, I believe, unprecedented number of
Catholics on the Supreme Court right now has probably not been overlooked. The
immigration debates, particularly the nativism you see from Lou Dobbs and even
Samuel Huntington, is probably an issue as well (esp. given where these
originate from). The fact that there are traditionally large numbers of
Irish-Americans in the FBI, making it a more Catholic than usual bureaucracy,
might not have passed the collective notice of what you see here. ("Pigs"). 

Another interesting point is that, theologically and ideologically, the closest
living relic to the viewpoints expressed here over the duration of the
announcements were probably to be found among the Ian Paisleyite Ulstermen. That
was also the only significant armed struggle between Catholics and Protestants.
Much of this appears to take on spy-novel-like overtones of smuggling and such.
The IRA got a significant portion of its funding from the U.S., so I suppose
it's not impossible that the Orange militias got some too. (I don't really think
that's what these are about, but you never know.) 

*This point is one of the few things not at all disputable about any of this.
From the early references to Hannibal and Cataline, to an ad on the twentieth
anniversary of the Kennedy assassination, which murder, interestingly enough, an
"authorized communication" attributed to "boys in Dallas," to the recent joy
expressed at the death of John Paul, to the frequent 16th C references to Rome
as the Whore of Babylon--of this there can be little doubt.