07/06/2011: Carlos Gonzalia to me: 
Hey Bryan!

(... bunch of email redacted here ...)

Last week I was very amused to see the Orphanage
had sent me an envelope (...redacted...) ... A yellow sheet
with a big quote from Matthew 10:22 praising perseverance in the
face of suffering, and a printout of Augsburg's City Hall (it's actually
on the first page of Google Image search, heh:
http://www.toeurope.eu/design/photos/augsburg.jpg). Poststamped
on Las Vegas this past 16 june, no funky marks on the envelope nor
interesting stamps though... as custom the sender's address was
your current PO Box in Oregon.

Today I got 2 envelopes, again from Las Vegas! In one there was
a tiny clip of some publicacion in Chinese (I guess) along with
a small piece of paper with the coordinates 51.352  N, 0.445 W.
I have no clue what's there (Surrey, UK?) and the place doesn't
have any personal meaning to me, as was the case with Augsburg.
In the second one there was some kind of printout (numbers in
columns with some red pen circling and arrows, also small and
with the top cut to look like a mathematical curve of some kind.
Both deliveries poststamped on 23 june, and again with your PO
box as fake sender's address. No scanner here, sorry.

If the Orphan crazypants want to reach me at this email
address, more's the fun. On the other hand, not sure if I
want to keep my coworkers wondering what the hell are those
funny envelopes I keep getting from Vegas, heh. Will I get
three next week to keep the progression on? ;-)

All the best,

Me to Carlos: (abbreviated) hey If you want me to convey a "stop doing this" message to
them I'd be happy to do so for you.

Carlos to me: 
Please do, though I'm not myself truly annoyed or anything like that.
It's just that the post handlers here at our university are a notorious
bunch of zero humor critters, so funky envelopes tend to irritate them. ;-)
(The worst for them might be the amusing address that starts with
"El Dr. Carlos Gonzalía" - that's some big snob I bet they think!)
The Orphans are welcome to send me any scanned, typed, digitally
recorded or whatever they want that can be shuffled through email to
this address at gmail (gonzalia (AT) gmail.com), no reason for me to miss on the fun!

Me: consider the message conveyed