> Pictures from Augsburg are up in one of those photo album spaces Yahoo 
> offers:
> http://photos.yahoo.com/gonzalia


> I just came back from Portugal (another summer school for PhD students,
> yay) and I found a nice polite letter from the Orphanage in my mailbox.


Translation from the spanish letter follows. I must say the spanish in
the original is almost perfect, I'm impressed. ;-)


Dear Carlos,

More than one Section has suggested we should transmit you some words
of praise, in view of your heroic efforts with the Greek. We agree on
it. You are in an extremely difficult moment on your life's work, and
you showed a special perception for understanding the need of
translating as much Greek as you could. We hope some person of your
importance would do the same with the many Hebrew quotes that remain
without translation.

As a sample of our appreciation, we beg you to pay a look to the last
ad of 1/5/2000, and take note of the mathematical quote under Luther.
It would help your efforts recalling whom is that complex relation
usually associated with. Where did Euler live? What letter of the Greek
alphabet did he use to represent a mathematical concept which is
important for 1/5/2000? In Euler's beautifully elegant formula, what
kind of logarithms appear, together with the greek letter we mentioned
before? In what other place, within what you consider as a _game_,
appear these logarithms? If you correlate the dates on which the natural
logarithm base appears on the borders of 1/5/2000, what pattern shows

Take this without hurrying, as far as your work schedule allows you. We
suggest you transmit the meaning of this message to Mr. Hance. All the
concerned wish you the best. In this life of sorrows and tears,
intensity is rare and you have it in abundance.

A word of farewell to whom we consider a friend: you, Repubgirl and
Martin must examine more closely the 4-page letter dealing with
elementary issues on Number Theory on a very basic way - a word of
warning is enough. By the way, all the concerned are delighted you
enjoyed Augsburg. You will enjoy of it in some way or other.

-The Orphanage

-- snip --

I will try to scan the pictures this weekend. Just so you know, here's
a brief description of them:

- view of a pond next to a parking lot, some trees and low buildings on
the distance. Flat landscape, no recognizable features. "Speed Limit
30" sign on one of the visible streets.
- view of a 3-floor white building, school-like. Low buildings and a
church on the distance. Flat landscape, no recognizable features.
- view of this same building or a similar one. Trees are on the way and
it's difficult to say for sure. No recognizable features.
- 2 pictures of the same white house from across a street, from
slightly shifted possitions. Again trees on the way and no recognizable
features. The house is elegant, in a simple way. Columned entrance and
arched windows.
- a picture of the same white house, from what seems to be its back
part. Again trees on the way and no recognizable features. A small
porch can be seen.
- view of the sunset over what appears to be part of a highway
junction. There is a parking lot, and some kind of wall or low
building. Again, flat landscape, no recognizable features. Weirdly, on
the back they marked the digits "69" from the developer's code, and
added an arrow and "NOTA BENE".

About the envelope:

- sender address is Bryan's P.O. box.
- postmarked on september, 2nd, from Downtown Tucson.
- stamps: a red fox, a guy (says Claire Chenault, Flying Tigers 1940s,
I think they were a famous WW2 squad?)
- on the back, one of those squiggly words (hebrew?)

-- snip --

> See you around, hope to make the time to properly deal with the letter
> in the next 2 days. If you wish, please add a small note on your site
> (I guess on the 'recent developments' page?) to let the Orphanage know 
> their letter arrived, it is appreciated, thanks, and comments about it
> from my part will be forthcoming as time allows it this week. Laters...

My mirror of carlos's confessio photos:
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    Hance: Damn! Not only does carlos get pictures of the confessio, but now it looks like he's on somebody's mailing list...