As usual, just a small piece of lore which probably will not contribute
a jot to understanding the purpose of the Mystery (if indeed there is a
purpose). But also as usual, fun to learn about it, as all the obscure
things related to the Mystery. Particularly to a history buff like
myself... ;-)

Oh, by the way... I just came back from Germany 
where I got the chance to spend half a day
in Augsburg walking around. Again, for a history buff like myself it
was a wonderful thing (just wish I had more time!). And heck, I even
got to see a copy of the 1st printing of the Confessio hehe... If my
cheap photo camera didn't mess up I have a picture which in my natural
laziness and crazy work schedule might get developed and scanned
sometime in the next 2 weeks. The old churches I saw were certainly the
prize (including one in whose organ Mozart used to play), and I was
fascinated to find out the city was in fact 2000 years old, having been
founded by the Romans as a military outpost during the wars against the
barbarians. Impressive little museum about the foundation and the Roman
times, also pictures to develop and scan, with some luck.