"Dempstah Dumpstah"


Chris W:
Subject: Some links and interesting references.

"Dempstah Dumpstah"



Something very interesting I don't recall being discussed on the site. Still regarding

I will try to follow up with more links and better explanations, I will spend some time
going over the clues as well as packages you have sent. There are plenty already
discussing the finer points of clues, I think I would be better off researching the
alternative meanings and explanations. It seems the obscure it not ignored by those

check out Neurocam on wikipedia.
Through various sources, they claim to have existed in excess of 30 years, as well as
having been reported to make a goal of changing people's perception.
They seem to have a base in belgium, as I have noticed through reading many contracts
given to senior members.
The major difference I can see is obvious, but mostly how the Orphanage seems personal
and professional, while Neurocam seems to have a strict professional nature about it.
Excuse my bad english, and I have nothing more to say about Neurocam.

I have a few other things I have been able to come up with, somewhat non


I thought it sounded familiar, and I recalled the MDM.

I'm not sure how well it fits in, but there are few other references to
Pelagian anything, if you know what I mean.

As usual, I don't know what it all means. I'll try to go through the
pages for any sort of connection to this or πέλαγος as a concept.

bdh: neurocam's been mentioned here before a few times in various contexts and I think the general consensus is that it's an apples/oranges thing. Aside from the general weirdness, the Neurocam folks seem to take certain things to an extreme the MM specifically avoids.

Also, I don't buy their 30 year argument unless there's some better proof lying around to support it.