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From KOEN:
I tried mailing the email address in the decmeber page from 97. It does
not exist anymore, see attachment. I think we are a little bit too late,

Apparently, listserv@uiucvmd.bitnet used to be a mailing list server,
running many many mailing lists. See:
Interesting is also:
The name "Gutenberg" sounds somehow very familiar to me, but I can't place
it.... Any ideas?

The new email for listserv is apparently:
I asked it for a list of mailing lists they are running. Here's the


Koen Claessen,,,
Chalmers University of Technology.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 1999 10:20:01 -0600
From: "L-Soft list server at POSTOFFICE.CSO.UIUC.EDU (1.8b)"
    ACE-NET-L                Association of Christian  Economists
ACUINM98-L               ACUI "Leadership in a Changing Environment"
AISE-L                   International Students in Education
ALGEBRAIC-NUMBER-THEORY  Algebraic Number Theory
AMICI-L                  Classical world lists owners mailing list
ANNCBT-L                 Artificial Neural Networks and Computational Brain
Theory Group
APO-AA-L                 Alpha Phi Omega, Alpha Alpha chapter
                         Alias: ALPHA-PHI-OMEGA
ASTR-L                   Theatre History Discussion List - Amer. Soc. for
Theatre Research
BAHAI-L                  Baha'i Faith on the UIUC campus
BERITA-D                 BERITA-D: Discussions on BERITA-L news articles
BERITA-L                 BERITA-L: M'sia, S'pore & related SEA news [no
BGSA-L                   The BGSA-L list
BOAST-L                  BOAST - an educational outreach of the University of
CAMPUSCARE-L             campus environments for children
CC-L                     University of Illinois Commerce Council
CRITTHINKT-L             Teaching Critical Thinking
CSGNET                   Control Systems Group Network (CSGnet)
CSS-LIST                 Chinese Student and Scholar Union
CSTORE-L                 University Environment - Convenience Store Management
DANCING-DISCUSS-L        University of Illinois -- Dancing Illini
DANCING-OFFICIAL-L       Dancing Illini Official Announcements
DESIGNERS-L              u of i graphic designers
DFS-CAMPUS               DFS on Large Campuses
DIME-L                   Dialogues in Methods of Education
ECENET-L                 Early childhood education/young children (0-8)
ECPOLICY-L               Policy Issues Related to Young Children
ECPROFDEV-L              professional development of teachers and caregivers of
young children
EDPHIL2-L                Philosophy of Education (private)
EDPSY336                 The EDPSY336 list
ERIC-AL-L                ERIC-AL-L (ERIC AT LARGE: The discussion group of ERIC
Discussion Group)
ESDA-L                   Exploratory Sequential Data Analysis list
ETB-L                    Educational Technologies Board
EXAMS-L                  OIR's Classroom Examination Service
FOTAWB-L                 Friends of the Advisiong Workbench
FSC-L                    University of Illinois Film Students' Collective
FTE-L                    Families, Technology, and Education
GERLINGL                 Older Germanic languages (to 1500), their linguistics
and philology
GUTNBERG                 Project Gutenberg Email List
HP-USERS-L               a forum for Hewlett Packard workstation
IAPSE-L                  International Association for Persons in Supported
Employment (private)
ICES-L                   Instructional Course Evaluation System
INFO-PH                  The qi/ph discussion list
INFOAG-L                 Information Agriculture conference
IOMUG-L                  ILLINET Online Music Users Group
Discussion Group)
K-THEORY                 algebraic K-theory
LABS-L                   Latino Association for Business Students
LDF-L                    Language in Developement
LDSSA-L                  LDS Student Association at U. of IL. Newsletter,
mailing list
LIBNEWS-L                University of Illinois Library News
LIS-L                    Library and Information Science Student Discussion
LLS-L                    List for Latina/Latino Studies Program
MATHLINK-L               Professor Tony Peressini program Math Link
MEDED-L                  Mediation in Education
MEDTEXTL                 Medieval Texts - Philology Codicology and Technology
MIDDLE-L                 Middle level education/early adolescence (10-14)
MSNET-L                  The MSNet group
NABS-L                   National Alliance of Blind Students' Symposium
NCSDL_MGMT-L             National Center on Self-Determination and 21st Century
NTASTAFF-L               NTA staff private list
OBJECTIVIST-L            IL Objectivist Club Announcements
PARENTING-L              Discussion of Parenting
PATH-L                   The PATH-l list
PCLUSTER-L               Packetcluster - developing software package
PHYSED-L                 Physical Education at the University of Illinois
PNP-L                    Placement and Proficiency System administered by OIR
POL_AG-L                 Discussions of Polish Agriculture
PROJ-DIR-L               Directors list
PROJECTS-L               Project Approach Listserv
PROVOST-L                Provost mailing list
QIGONG-L                 Qigong-L Illini Qigong Study Group
QUAKER-KIDS              Discussion list for young Quakers ages 5 to 12.
                         Alias: QUAKER-K
QUAKER-L                 Quaker concerns re community, spirituality, etc.
                         Note: this list has been held.
QUAKER-P                 Quaker peace and social justice issues
RBALL-L                  Illini Racquetball Club
RCC-L                    Research Computing Cluster (J40 & SP)
RCCTALK-L                Discussion list for users of the CCSO Research
Computing Cluster
REEVALUATION-COUNSELING  Reevaluation Co-counseling discussion list
                         Alias: RC-LIST
REGGIO-L                 Reggio Emilia Preschool Discussion Group (REGGIO-L)
RESILIENCE-L             RESILIENCE-L (Resilience in Children and Families)
RETURNEES-L              Returning Students Listserve
REVERB-L                 Reverberate Magazine
SAC-L                    School Aged Child Care Issues and Concerns
SCRA-CYIG-L              Children and Youth Interest Group - Society for
Community Research and Action
SECULAR-L                List for Professor Robert Alun Jones
SFP-L                    UIUC Students for Palestine RSO
SHPE-L                   Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
SIGMAPI-L                Sigma Pi fraternity at UIUC
SKYLIGHTS-L              announcement only list for those in central illinois
interested in astronomy
SKYWARN                  The SKYWARN list
SLFHLP-L                 Discussion of research into Self-Help and Mutual
                         Note: this list has been held.
SPANISH-225              The SPANISH-225 list
SPED345-L                Special Ed class 345
SS-L                     SS-L Sjogren's Syndrome
SYNTON-L                 Synton Amateur Radio club list
THELIST                  THELIST list: for discussion about The Hessling Editor
UIREEC-L                 Russian and East European Center (REEC) closed list
UIUCPARENT-L             U of I Parents Advocacy Group
ULTRATEAM-L              Illinois Wrestlers
UX6-TAPE-L               The ux6 tape user list
VCI-L                    Put short description here
VETSTAR-L                VADDS & Vetstar Discussions Unplugged
VIRTU-L                  VR / sci.virtual-worlds
WAC-L                    Writing Across the Curriculum
WOC-INFO                 Women On Campus listserv
WSS-L                    Web support personell list
WX-ATLAN                 WX-ATLAN Atlantic & Gulf Tropical Storm and Hurricane
WX products
WX-CHASE                 The WX-CHASE list
WX-LSR                   WX-LSR Storm Damage Reports
WX-NATNL                 WX-NATNL National Wx Summary and Selected City Fcsts
WX-STORM                 WX-STORM Storm-related weather products
WX-TALK                  WX-TALK General weather discussions and talk
WX-TOR                   WX-TOR Tornado Warning dissemination
WX-TROPL                 WX-TROPL Tropical Storm and Hurricane WX products

From Webmaster:
Re: Greek, left of center - "Nimm die zogernde zum rath, > nicht zum Werkseug deliner That" also might be "zogemde" - they made me a terrible Xerox, I couldn't help it...
first off, i'm not sure if this is 100% german -- it may be swiss or
southern/eastern german -- most of the words weren't in my dictionary.

here's what i could come up with
Nimm= take
die zogernde = the hesistant (one/thing)
zum = to the
nicht zum Werkseug = not with the/of the tool (Werkzeug)

"rath", "deliner", and "That" were not in my dictionary

monier-williams - sanskrit - english dictionary

  • Look here
  • Or here

    "LJ bates" - performing name/pseudonym of blind lemmon jefferson

    (Look here)

    345 middlefield road
    Special Video Collections,
    MS-955, 345 Middlefield Road,
    Menlo Park, CA 94025.

    345 Middlefield Road in Menlo Park, CA, appears to be the Western Field Office of the US Geological Survey.

    76A Mount Auburn Street
    Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138
    Tel: 617-547-8855
    Fax: 617-547-8551

    Gutenberg could be a reference to the Gutenberg Project.  Their goal is to 
    information, books and other materials available to the general public by 
    reproducing it in forms a vast majority of the computers, programs and people 
    can easily read, use, quote, and search (typically ASCII.) 
    Found this on a list of publishers/distributors who submit materials for 
    review by the LMP (Language Materials Project.)  LMP is a project at UCLA 
    funded by the Dept of Education to provide the general public with a source for 
    language teaching materials for the less commonly taught languages.
    Scheonhof' Foreign Books
    76A Mount Auburn Street 
    Cambridge, MA 02138        FAX: 617-547-8551             PHONE: 617-547-8855 

    clue=I read the German as "Nimm die Zögernde zum Rath, Nicht zum Werkseug deiner That." "Rath" is spelled "Rat" in modern standard 
    German and means "counsel" or "advice". "That" is now spelled "Tat" and means "deed". "Werkseug" looks like a misspelling for 
    "Werkzeug" = "tool". The phrase means roughly "Take the hesitant one as an advice, not as a tool of your deed."
    name=Martin Weichert

    clue=The Ovid (from his Epistulae ex Ponto, written c13 BC): the whole quote is ``gutta cavat lapidem non vi sed saepe cadendo,'' 
    ``a drop cuts stone not by force, but by falling often''
    name=v. a.

    clue=the french sentence means "our needs are our forces/strengths"

    carlos txlates the greek
    - the greek at the center top is from Ephesians, chapter 1, verse 8,
    and translates as (this time I'm admittedly guessing, for some reason
    the english standard Bibles seem to have changed these words a lot):
    "we have redemption through faith, according to His grace"

    For Dec 7, 1994:
    - the greek at the center top is from Ephesians, chapter 1, verse 8,
    and translates as:
    "we have the redemption through His blood, according to the riches of
    His grace"

    09/00 - straight from the Freaks, so to speak
    2) After much discussion, it has been suggested that you look again--or have whichever of your correspondents 
    you deem to be most clever--at 12/7/94.  The reference is "Algebraic Number Theory"--or words to that effect.

    clue=copy is hard to read but the unusual script in the left above the picture is surely tibetan.  can't
    be the everyday language you hear or see in markets and signs but could be from one of the philosophical
    or metaphysical textbooks. there are thousands of those and it takes an expert to sort out the
    differences but they deal mainly with classifying states of consciousness.  a tibetan trained in that
    would say it a little differently but for us it mainly comes across as different states of mind.  one
    other possibility is a famous quotation from one of the early annals.  if the latin quote is correctly
    translated it is probably a statement about how to attain a certain state of consciousness.  one thing
    that might help you and it fits other ads, different textbooks are associated in the tibetan mind with
    specific monasteries which are located in certain places like saying washington or cleveland.  over here
    a sports team would be an example, to say the packers immediately connects with green bay.  they could be
    specifying coordinates by identifying a certain place through the philosophical school located there a
    little bit like "name of the rose" or whatever it was that dealt with bobbio in northern italy.  the same
    guy who wrote the pendulum wrote "name of the rose" and the pendulum is in paris.  if they don't care how
    complicated this is that might work and not many would ever notice it. if they do use machines for part
    of this then that would be one way to mess up enemey machines. 
    there isn't anything short of a quantum computer that could pick up textured nuances like this and
    somebody who maybe could think of it would not be likely to be a computer freak or hacker.  

    anton 06.26.01
    clue: the bit of sanskrit at the right --
    vîrâh "heroes"
    yuddhe "in war"
    ayuxyanta -- sadly my dictionary (which is not Monier-Williams) is no help with this word.
    anon 07.04.01
    clue:  Get a clear picture or a clearer one.  The dark mess on the left 
    looks like Cambridge looking toward Harvard Yard.

    Norman 07.17.01
    clue:  I can't do any more of this tonight but look at the diagram with 
    the triangles.  That not only can be used for triangulation (naturally) 
    but it is also used in studying prisms and prismatic projections which 
    fits with wardley's question about the optical aperture.

    Bob: 08.02.01
    clue:  The note from the Freaks referencing "Algebraic Number Theory": That's one of the mailing lists on the listserv 
    that Koen found.

    cynic2: 11.28.01
    clue:  I've got to mess with finals and such pretty soon so here is one of my last ones for a while.  Symmetry remarks
    show up repeatedly in these.  Look at the bottom of this one and the famous 1 through 4.  It runs boths ways, like
    playing up and down the scales.  Anybody that ever took music lessons played the scales over and over and went up and
    down them.  Then look at the boxes, they have content in them and they are connected by earlier ads.  The people inside
    could pack much data into just that part of the ad especially in reference to the dated earlier ads.  The texture of
    these is very rich totally apart from whether any of us would ever agree with them. Tons of data and I think very
    explicit instructions for processing but put together in a way that the casual onlooker would never see.

    Johnny: 01.11.02
    clue:  don't think anybody has thrown this suggestion in, the part about nietzsche and kant refers to the limit of human
    reason.  it can't do but so much and you die anyway so no big deal if we appear stupid or really are crazy.  that would 
    fit their pessimistic view of the human condition.

    c: 05.04.02
    E-mail would have been at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign -
    The listserv (mailing list processor) kept - among many other things - the Gutenberg mailing list, e.g.
    NCSA at UIUC did the first graphical web browser - Mosaic - in 1992 and changed the world.
    NOTE: Project Gutenberg was founded in 1971 - a year that appears significantly in the texts.  Also many references
    to 'uncultured' (Philistine) people.

    Eri: 07.07.2004
    Regarding Heinrich Jaschke, mentioned in the Winter Tour box on the right:
    "Heinrich Jaschke(1817-1883), a missionary of the Moravian Mission Society based in Ladakh, translated the Bible into Tibetan.  He
    published his Dictionary of the Tibetan Language in German; this English translation was first published in 1881."
    In addition to writing Sanskrit-English dictionaries, Sir Monier Monier-Williams founded the Indian Institute at Oxford.

    D. Thomasson 03.27.2006
    As in the 86-May1 announcement, the addresses in the 94-Dec7 announcement are Pi numbers.
    The level 3 box at the bottom middle with two stars above it has the address "345 Middlefield Road,
    94205."  34594205 is located at 29,184,363;  36,272,133; and 64,967,707 decimal digits of Pi.
    The address listed under "WINTER TOUR, 1994" on the right side of the announcement is: "76A Mount
    Auburn Street, 02138."  Convert 76A hex to 3552 octal.  355202138 is located at 126,933,185 decimal
    digit of Pi.
    Converting 76A hex to decimal equals 1898.  However 189802138 is not located in the first 200
    million digits of Pi.

    fred 04.15.2007
    re: the listserv
    SeCuLaR-L List for Professor Robert Alun Jones
    Robert Alun Jones CV:
    " also Senior Research Scientist for the Humanities and Social Sciences at the National Center for Supercomputing
    "He has developed and taught a variety of courses, including:
        * Classical Social Theory
        * Social Theories of Religion
        * Sociology of Knowledge and Science
        * European Intellectual History
        * Religion, Science and Society "
    "Finally, Jones has written about the scholarly use of electronic documents and networked information systems, and particularly
    hypertext and hypermedia. In particular, together with his colleague, the cognitive psychologist Rand Spiro, he has argued that
    electronic, hypertext documents -- by placing texts within multiple contexts and breaking down the linear, hierarchical structure
    of their more traditional counterparts -- hold promise for the encouragement of "cognitive flexibility." These arguments have
    particularly been advanced in Jones and Spiro's "Imagined Conversations" (1992) and "Contextualization, Cognitive Flexibility, and
    Hypertext" (1995), and they provide the stimulus for many of Jones's activities in educational reform (see below)."
    "In 1987, Jones received campus funds to establish the Hypermedia Laboratory in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences -- one of
    the earliest and most advanced experiments using this technology. Under Jones's direction, the Hypermedia Lab opened in January,
    1989 and, in addition to his own courses on social and religious thought, was used for course development and instruction in fields
    as diverse as agricultural economics, natural resource scarcity, collective behavior, urban and regional planning, French
    literature, biological modeling, and the sociology of cities and suburbs. More recently, working closely with the National Center
    for Supercomputing Applications, the Program for the Study of Cultural Values and Ethics, and the University Library, Jones's
    established the Advanced Information Technologies Laboratory. Again, with Jones as director, the AIT Lab supported more than twenty
    humanities and/or social science research and instructional development projects utilizing advanced information technologies,
    several of which have received major external funding and national and international recognition."
    some old page:
    contains a .ram lecture. i haven't listened to it...
    anyway, this Alun fellow should (and seems to) know A LOT of stuff pertinent to the mayday ads. perhaps even a member?

    jcr 01/25/2011
    There's a mispell in french, as well : besoins not bessoins. Abel is right 
    "our needs are our forces/strengths" plus an S.

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