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Clues people have sent in:
From Koen Claessen
The upper right rectangle contains text in Afrikaans. I am Dutch myself,
but the languages are very similar. It says something like:
"The director of ROOISTER construction company ... and the director of THE
ORPHANGE ... for a dinner aboard of "The City of Richmond" - if nothing
changes - on Saturday, 25th of December, 1993 at 20h00. PLEASE ANSWER: The
officer in command for Europe: Skakel:  Identify
yourself per ADW" What is ADW?? The orphanage keeps popping up as well.
Webmaster: Ooooooh sh*t! You just made a major major breakthrough!
The ADW is the Arizona Daily Wildcat - the paper these ads run in, the prople I work for! What seems to be happening here is that someone, 'skakel' has made some kind of initial contact with the author of this game and has attracted their attention, and the author(s) are trying to get ahold of them via the Arizona Daily Wildcat. Like they're saying "Post an ad so we can get in touch."
I posted an ad last year to the effect that 'I'll see you june 25th' and I included an anonymous email address of mine, but never got any response.
Someone needs to run a go-to on the following telephone numbers: They are possibly amrican (us) exchanges, (is 011 the international phone code for the United States???)
(602) 881-7117
(520) 881-7117
Me, I'm going to call these as soon as I get off the modem! I'll keep you posted!

From Kipwa:
Are you sure you are understanding Koen's translation correctly?  Maybe
the intent is: "please RSVP
 *to* the OIC for Europe, and when you do, identify yourself as per ADW
12/4/91" OK, I just looked up "skakel" in an afrikaans-english dictionary,
and it said skakel = telephone or link.  Thus, I think there is no guy
skakel at all, and my above interpretation is pretty close.  That is, the
message tells local readers to RSVP to someone in Europe.
  011 is the prefix needed for dialing all international calls.  49
is the country code for Germany; 30 is the city code for Berlin.  I think
this # is actually in Germany, not the USA, and if you are going to dial
it, just dial it as shown.  I don't see 12/4/91 among your texts; maybe
you missed it? Let me know what you get at the phone #.
name=Kipawa Condor
Webmaster: (Wow. You've got an afrikaans dictionary?Cool.)Hmm. Germany? Makes no sense - all phone numbers before have led weird places, like a time and temperature thing in Colorado.
Anyone in Germany wanna call this number for me? -Webmaster

From protolight:

Look at
Combines many themes this game does: heresy, astronomy, and free will.  Coincidence?

From Repubgirl:
I called the number and got a German Bank -- Essenbanken, I think.  I had
a very hard time understanding the gentelman who answered the phone...I'm sure
he didn't care much for my Southern drawl either!
clue=CORRECTION:  When I called the number I got the Wechselstube (money exchange bureau) 
at the Bahnhof Zoo...what ever that is... 

clue=Same point as the others for today but forgot the languages until looking at this one.  Many areas and many overlaps. At
home I had an uncle that hunted foxes near the sea.  Dogs couldn't track the majority of the foxes because they would run back
over their trails, jump in and out of the water and things like that.  This uncle killed many foxes because he learned what
they were like rather than following his dogs.  These people seem to hate some and very much admire others.  Your description
or whatever its called mentions love and hate.  If somebody sorted out the ones they like from the ones they dont we might get
to them faster.

clue=The names are connected to the Hebrew alphabet, in the 93-May-1 message there was a list of names also associated with
letters.  This may already be addressed somewhere but I think these names represent people, members possibly, the alphabet
possibly a key?

clue:  If bingo is right then somebody could spell various Hebrew words 
and it would give assignments for different members of the cabal.

near a terminal 12.26.01
clue:  You have to wonder if the quotation from Blake isn't a reference to predestination because of the huge 
number of references to Boston and early New England.  I think Luther believed in predestination as much as Calvin 
but somebody better informed could check that.

cynic2: 02.18.02
clue:  I didn't have a clue as to what somebody else said about Luther believing in predestination so I tapped in about 20
searches and "near a terminal" is correct or at least his guess about Luther is correct.  Go to GOOGLE and tap in "Brian 
Mattson" and then add the name of his paper "Double or Nothing: Martin Luther's Doctrine of Predestination."  It's all in 
there.  The extent of integration and correlation in these things is beginning to frighten me.

Juls: 04.17.03
So what's with the skeletal guy at the top here?  Pretty sure I came across a mention of him in the emails
from the Orphanage folk. If he's meant to represent Grim Death then its the strangest depiction of him I've ever
seen.  Can anyone translate the Hebrew in the speech bubble?  For those unfamiliar with it, the phrase in the
left-hand speech bubble is taken from the childrens' story 'Jack and the Beanstalk', a traditional English tale. 
It's spoken by the giant when he catches the scent of the presence of Jack and it goes 'Fee, figh, foh, fum,  smell
the blood of an Englishman, Be he live or be he dead, I'll grind his bones to bake my bread.' Prominent by its
incongruity with the stuff these guys normally quote - I suspect that it's a warning.  Could mean that someone's
been getting close perhaps?

Craig: 01.06.2004
With all due deference to Koen, I'm going to have to disagree slightly with his translation of some of the Afrikaans
text. I got the following from my mother, who  speaks Afrikaans, unlike me who just paid it lip service when I was in school.
Interestingly, I was able to note that it is the director of the Rooister company who is inviting the director of the
Orphanage and his wife aboard the City of Richmond. Why the director of the Rooister company would have access to the City of
Richmond I have no idea.

Anyway, with regards to Koen's translation of Construction Company; I believe the text more accurately translates to
"Building Society". For those who don't know, a building society is a bit like a bank. You save your money there and they
give out housing loans. In South Africa, the majority of the Building Societies are now fully fledged banks, although they
have kept their old names. As an aside, my mother noted that it would also be a very likely place for an orphanage to have
it's money, particularly if the orphanage were located in a smaller town (although of course I doubt the Orphanage is an
actual orphanage, although they may have derived their name from one).

She was also able to confirm for us that 'skakel' does indeed mean 'telephone'; she was also quite adamant that 'Rooister' is
not an actual Afrikaans name, further reinforcing my belief that the company is fictious anyway.

Rob 07.09.2004

Hey guys, just a couple of things...

1. The Afrikaans text reads, to my understanding, "The director of the Rooister Building Society invites the
director of The Orphanage and their spouses to a dinner on board the City of Richmond on Saturday December 25 1993 at
20h00." Singular Director, plural spouses? Could that be a reference to the 'Director', and his immediate
subordinates, not wives per se?

2. Bahnhof Zoo is Zoo train station in Berlin. It's notorious for prostitutes and hustlers, and was made famous in a
german film named 'Christiane F. Wir Kinder Vom Bahnhof Zoo', Bowie did the whole soundtrack, and cameod in it.

-Rob, Sydney Australia.

martin: 06.24.2004
Words In Hebrew seem to belong to Rabbi Dov Ber of Mezritch, the meaning is something like "each and every letter was
perfect (full) universe".

Chun the Unavoidable: 07.12.2004
The Latin quote in the "Winter Tout 1993*" box, which was sent to Bryan in a better copy with instructions to have someone
translate it, means "You don't think that you are like the king of higher things, do you?"

It is a riff on Aquinas's commentary on Psalm 8: "Deus facit hominem quasi regem inferiorum, et haec est gloria, scilicet claritas divinae imaginis: et haec est quaedam corona hominis: 1. Cor. 11. Vir imago est gloria Dei: Ps. 4. Signatum est super nos lumen vultus tui Domine."

You can find it, with translation, here:

cynic2 07.29.2004
]Chun the Un made one hell of a score on the Latin.  Does being smart necessarily mean you are crazy?  If they've got
everything from Sumerian to Aquinas to quantum mechanics then I'm not sure the question of sanity is even pertinent.  I'm more
worried about what they are up to.

gorosapiens 10.27.2004
the bold greek word in the lower left part reading "SYNTHESIS" means composition, or being at the same
place... however it is misspelled... 

Paul 12.18.2004
Hm. Along with that "De Rebus" reference in the clues on Aug 24, 1981, I have seen two South African references in the small
sample of texts I've looked at. Could you be dealing with an ex-pat, or ex-pats? University faculties around the English speaking
world are lousy with South African intellectuals who left during the "sanctions" era (1980's) of South African politics. By the
way, you guys missed the plurals here:
"The Directors of ROISTER building society invite the Directors of THE (WEESHUIS) and their (gades) to a (dinee) on board "The City
of Richmond" ... on Saturday, CHRISTMAS, 25 December, 1993 at 20h00. PLEASE ANSWER: The (Bevelvoerende) Officer for Europe; Call
(Tel.) 011-..
Identify yourself (as?) ADW, 12/4/1994.

Words in brackets I can't translate, as I nearly failed Afrikaans at school, and I didn't take my dictionary with me when I left
the country :P 

Might "The City of Richmond" be a boat?

On second thoughts, I don't think these guys are Afrikaners, as they would be more likely to continually reference Calvin
rather than Luther. Also the Afrikaans seems a little clumsy somehow. Could be wrong though ...

clue:  ROOISTER == Red Star in Afrikaans

adam 02.11.2005
the hebrew in the speech bubble means
"each and every letter is an entire world"

literal translation:
"every word and word she is world full"

this is pretty modern hebrew. definatly not biblical.

boynamedsue 02.24.2005
Captain Morgan probably Henry Morgan, pirate. The Tav is a river running thru glamorgan, the area he was born

Juls 03.26.2005
Re. Paul's clue: ROOISTER - 'Red Star' - this would tie in with the Communist references. 'Red Star construcion company' -
is someone building a Communist organisation / promoting Communist thought?  Over the last 20 years and more, certainly the
establishment in the Western world has moved more toward the left with it's thinking, what with 'political correctness' and wotnot.

Anonymous Coward 10.17.2005
Does anyone know any other use for alef with a subscript than cardinality? If not, is there an intrepretation of alef-3 +
sqrt(2)/alef-5 that makes sense?

(Sequence? Formula? Unrelated to cardinality? Just nonsense? A one-time pad?)

Juls 11.30.2005
Just a thought - wondering whether the Hebrew phrase might not be pointing to the Mispar Shemi method of Gematria.
buttkus 08.14.2006
I really enjoy reading Juls and her well thought out comments but does anybody see the freaks and especially the
Orphanage as being politically correct?  Revolutionary theocrats are politicallly correct?  I don't think so.

Galilite 10.06.2006
As mentioned before, Hebrew says "every letter is a whole world" and it is in modern Hebrew. It does not have "nekudot" -
vowel marks, while Bible quotations normally do.

Galilite 10.06.2006
I think I can realize what the author meant here!

"Every letter is a whole world" and below every Hebrew letter is assigned a name of a person.

Perhaps later (or earlier) these people are being referenced by these letters?

Perkins 10.02.2008
The expression with Cantor's transfinite numbers in the middle box does seem to be 
nonsensical. I could be missing something, but division by a transfinite number 
(or of one) does not seem to be defined.

Someone from Germany 11.30.2008

Interesting there's so much German stuff in this mystery. I just called 
that number from here as I'm following these ads from first to last today.. 
Of course nobody answered me there, since it is too late (almost 0 am) in 
Germany now. The plain telephone number would be Germany- 030/8817117 that's 
Berlin as already stated. Die bevelvoerende Offisier means the officer in 
charge/in command. I don't speak dutch nor afrikaans but there is the same 
word in German (befehlführend) which means commanding or in command.

Anyway.. that telephone number - I just googled it and it seems today it corresponds to:
ReiseBank AG
Hardenbergplatz 1
10623 Berlin
Tel.: (030) 8817117

listed as an exchange office on several webpages about Berlin. I'm not sure 
if it was Reisebank AG back in 1993, but somehow I am sure it was at least 
an exchange office or something about money.. Seeing how this mystery 
always involves money and coins sent to the webmaster (as well as DM 
12,80 some ads ago, DM being Deutsche Mark, our currency before the Euro, 
back in 1993 of course still DM). Hope that helps...

Carl-Fredrik S. 12.02.2009
I just found this page today and it was something that was striking me is.

Olof Petersson is a Swedish or scandinavian name. It happens also to be the 
name of the clergy man that brought the protestant reformation to Sweden.

I agree that the number is a phone-number in Germany. And it is correct, that today there is a bank. But the "ReiseBank" was founded in 1996.
Funny thing is, that the location of this bank is near the "Hotel California" in Berlin.