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Clues people have sent in:
From Koen:

1.618 is the number known as the Golden Mean: (1 + SQR(5))/2
Also from Koen
This page seems a pre-mayday page for this year. Look how the next page
refers back to this page, as if some definitions are set up here to find the
final answer on may 1st.

From Repubgirl:
The map is of San Francisco...the blackened box in the middle is the San Francisco Mint which takes up an entire city block. If you look closely you'll see that the Northern border of that block is Herman Street. Vide 5/1/90..."Schrodinger has opened a savings account at 113 Herman St. [San Francisco, CA] 94102

clue=what ad does the c.f. refer to in the lower right hand corner?
Hance: It pops up in their letters to me as well. I've always taken it as 'in reference to'...
clue=regarding  c.f. 
I realized THAT, Bryan.  I can't read what follows the  c.f.  
"ADW 5..."

hance: well, goddamnit, why didn't you say so? :) I'll dig out a copy tonight. Um, my copy is just as bad. Horrible, actually.
clue=This page was sent by ThomasBradwardine.
hance:What makes you say that?
clue=1.618 = ThomasBradwardine 

hance: Um, humor me and explain why 1.618 = Thomas Bradwardine. I don't get it.
bill 5.12.01
clue:  One of Thomas Bradwardine's works is entitled, "In defence of God against the Pelagians and on the power of causes". 

dave 06.12.01
clue:  I might be going out on limb here, but I found a possible connection to the map on the left side 
of this announcement. I started my search with Kezar Stadium. What I ended up finding is that an 
atheist group, Atheist Alliance (AA), meets at the corner of Kezar and Stanyan. The group also happened 
to form in  1991.
The only reason I homed in on this fact was that the intersection of Kezar and Stanyan is at the center 
of the left hand map. Similarly, the San Fran Mint is at the center of the right hand map. Can't find 
much information about the atheist group, but they do say they're working on a website. The main site:
and the local site:

anton 06.18.01

the six shields look like arms of German states: Bremen, Lower Saxony,
Hamburg, Sleswick-Holstein, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Saar.

the map of San Francisco was cut at Clayton Street and the western bit
(including Kezar Stadium) shifted to make room for the German shields.  

Joe23: 09.13.2003
The translation of the greek letters reads:exagorazomenoi ton kairon,which is from The Epistle of Paul the Apostle to
the Ephesians Chapter 5:16,it means "Redeeming the time,because the days are evil."

Anonymous Coward 10.17.2005
In 1991, I think the only Videotext source in Germany was ARD/ZDF. Page 546 is a generic news page today, does anyone
remember what it contained in '91?

Someone from Germany
Good point on the video text there, Anonymous Coward.. I'm really wondering though if anyone from Arizona 
could have cared about a German television stations video text, page 546. Also I don't think contacting 
ARD/ZDF nowadays would help cause they won't remember that one... Sadly I think this clue may only 
helped us back in 1991.

Aktenkundig 08/25/2016
Again there are some german references. Beside the "Video-Text"-part there are six crests between the two maps.
The key is "Bremen", the castle is "Hamburg" and the horse is "Niedersachsen". The three crests in the lower row are (from left to right): Schleswig Holstein, Saarland and Nordrhein-Westfalen.
These are all states in Western Germany (You can find them on this map here: