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I'm an asshole. I wiped out the ORIGINAL 1990 Dec 5 page on acident when I was saving this one. If you remember anything about it, please resubmit.
I'm kicking myself in the nuts over this, because now I want to dig out carlos's comments...grr...thats carelessness for you.

Anyway, contrast this page and image with this one.
clue=Vlagtwedde (under DM12.80) is in The Netherlands.
Printed vertically to the left of the Winter Tour box is Magnetschnellbahn 
"Transrapid 07" = German high speed train "Transrapid 07"
clue=They've since moved, but the phone/fax numbers remain the same...
The address printed under Gerhard's formula is for the Dorpen Tourist 
Board/Information Center.
ADW 5/1/90 #7:  Melanchthon has authorized use of the Bugatti Type 41 
("La Royale") to carry the fresh Letter of Marque from Molsheim to Augsburg.  
Molsheim is a town about 15 min. SW of Strasbourg and is (was) the home of the 
famous Bugatti factory.

Norman 07.26.01
clue:  If these are really relational formulas (from Russell and Whitehead)then they could 
actually be used to identify how the metric spacing of the ad fits together.  How to do that is 
probably in the previous ad although I can't identify it.  There could be many variations on that 
point. I think it is a mistake to figure that all the information is contained in these ads.  They 
undoubtedly communicate other ways and that would be one strong code.  I'm not sure that any brute 
force analysis could ever crack it because you'd be missing part of the source or sources.  (I just 
read through what I wrote and it is not very clear.  What I mean is that if they even send postcards 
to each other ["Iowa sucks. Too much corn." {Signed, The webmaster}], then that message could be used 
to plug into the really complicated stuff that appears in these.  Same way with phone calls, e-mails 
or even one or more of them bicycling a long a certain path if another participant sees a change in 
the path or a location where a right turn is made instead of a left turn.  It takes someone very 
clever to mastermind it but people who were just a little above average could execute many of the 
maneuvers, send the cards, make the calls or even ride home from a normal job along a certain 
route--providing another participant saw them within a given time parameter.  I
think you would almsot have to make one of them talk to really get the full analysis.)

sjwk: 09.24.2003
The chemical in footnote 4 is a superconductor.  Not found if there's anything specific about it,
but a websearch for 'Tl2Ba2Ca2Cu3O10' throws up a fair number of hits. 

Someone from Germany 11.30.2008
I really think your handwriting down there looks exactly like the one on the first may 
day mystery: Richmond.. Just a note, though, as I can't imagine you've orchestrated all this ;)

sjwk 08.29.2009
Re: Someone from Germany

You're right, the handwriting does look similar although I'm no expert.  
However, I believe the writing in this is not Bryan's, but was written by 
someone from the Orphanage who sent in this copy of the article.

bhance: - yes, the handwriting on this one was from 'them', i.e. the Orphanage. (I have a couple of pages in the archives where I stupidly scribbled things on them before I scanned them in, but this isn't one of those. That handwriting was on the page when it was sent to me.)
anonymous 05.08.2021
Time--- in this I see 3men standing in front of a building to the right of them is some sort of 
machine it also appears that someone is sitting on the ground