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Webmaster: The D2214806 is the serial number on the photograph of a dollar bill appearing on one of the Mayday pages.
Unless my mapreading skills are whacked out, 41.23N X 2.11 E is off the coast of Barcelona, Spain. Is this right?

From Repubgirl:
Map coordinates are actually right on the coast (shore) of Barcelona.
Read here about May 9, 1619, and the Synod of Dort

Dylan lyric in 2) is from "Gotta Serve Somebody"

"condictio ex lege" = a condition (or situation) outside of (the) law

clue=Greek in top line:
choris de pisteos adynaton euarestesai.
"For without faith it is impossible to please Him" (Heb 11:6)

clue=Could be way off, but since there are so many bible quotes...could the _three_ loves of _Wonder Bread_ be referring to the miracle (wonder) where Jesus fed the masses with loaves (and fishes) (although, in the bible, it's 5 loaves and 2 fishes)? Luke 9: 10 - 17
Matthew 14: 13 - 21
Mark 6: 32 - 44

clue=Been reading the emails page:
I think Amor fa molt, argent fa tot is Catalan...
_Very_ rough translation: Love is large, money is everything.  Makes sense that 
it's Catalan according to the coordinates immediately after the quote.

Dan 6.6.01
clue:  J.Taylor is James Taylor, the quote is from the song "Fire and Rain" from his "Sweet Baby James" 
1970 release. Given all the bible quotes, it's interesting to note that Jesus had an older brother 
named James the Justice (yes ... an older brother. Kind of puts a twist on the whole virgin birth thing 
doesn't it). 

bronto 06.11.01
clue:  amor fa molt, argent fa tot = love does much, silver does all

Joan 06.17.01
clue:  an even more idiomatic translation of the catalan is  "love does 
much and money does all."  bronto may not be a native speaker of english 
but some of the freaks must be.  the numbers in the circle appear to a 
numerical description of an insect's eye.  there was a movie called "the 
fly."  saying "money does all" would make sense if they were referring to 
the movie and lots of other things i suppose.  money gets it for most 
humans.  one of the freaks' communications to bryan intimates everything 
i've just put in this box.   our problem is that we have no way to dragnet 
or brutally search all these clues. too many and i think they count on that.    

Bob: 09.05.01
clue:  The James Taylor is another misquote. It's from "Fire and Rain," and the actual chorus is:

	"I've seen fire and I've seen rain
         I've seen sunny days that I thought would never end
         I've seen lonely times when I could not find a friend
         But I always thought that I'd see you again"

This happens so frequently (the word "now" inserted in a quote where it shouldn't be, or "one" -- in bold no less -- where it
doesn't belong) that I'm actually starting to believe the mistakes ARE clues.

And, I could be wrong of course, but I don't believe the diagram concerns an insect's eye. Why would you need 4 axes?

Bones3D: 01.26.02
clue:  "Schrodinger" seems to be little more than a codename for some kind of physical delivery. This may prove of 
importance upon review of the previous ads.

cynic2: 08.23.02
clue:  I'm not certain that "Bones" is right about Sch-- being only a location.  The names come and go over the years but then they
reappear.  That part really draws me into the puzzle.  Others have remarked on the same point, these people don't throw anything
away.  A more likely guess is that Schroedinger changes according to circumstances.  It might be a person for now and place for
next time and something to be delivered after that.  I think the focus shifts constantly but the apperture is the same only with 
different lenses.  A good expensive camera works that way.

Juls: 09.09.2003
bread is a by-word for cash, over here it is anyway - 'Wonder Bread' might be an ideosyncratic
way of referring to a credit transfer or some form of monetary transfer that could allow funds to be
sent quickly on demand when needed, the three loaves perhaps being code for the amount required.

Beacon 12.18.2003
Idiot Beacon! John Francis Fitzgerald

Its JFK! thats where his family come from!

leakingpen : 05.29.2004
from what i can find, v axes are usually used in problems dealing with stretching and warping of objects and graphs.
when an existing axes has been warped, a v (and or u) axes is used to represent the change. 

Bob 08.06.2004
Beacon, Please elaborate on your remark above.

Beacon: 12.10.2004
Reply to Bob: RE JFK link. It is the castle in Ireland. It was owned by a particular family.
see my reply here:
I put the reply in the wrong place.

darque_Phizzix 05.03.2005
Schrodinger, as in many of the images must relate to one of the main founders of hyperspace theory, and with the many other
relaltions to algebraic, relating to hyperspace, within the images.
The metric tensor is used and the table is reflected in other images...I would agree that v axis could rpresent curved space, but
it could also represent time, the image can be formated in four dimensions, y being forward and backward, x left and right, v up
and down...and z of course would be addittion just to show the complexity of the intended confusion it could also be 17th
centuary prime sailing positions for a certain trip or section of a trip... 

IJ/JI 02.08.2006
White Rabbit and Wonder Bread are LSD.

They're making LSD and trading it for gold or smuggling gold or something. 

Boston is where all the great American blue-blood families that made fortunes shipping opium are from - do I recall, Pickering
was one of those families?

Maybe this is well-educated holdouts from the Brotherhood of Eternal Love or related 60's underground group engaging in ongoing
black market trade to fund their spiritual project. IJ/JI

atchet 01.15.2010
The translation for "condictio ex lege" provided at the top of the page is wrong. "condictio" does not mean "condition" or "situation". in this case, it means "a formal claim of restitution":

also, "ex" does not mean "outside". it means "from" or "out of". "outside" is "extra".

in any case, "condictio ex lege" was a Roman legalese term. for further explanation, read this:

deadkid 04/05/2013
	Its been awhile; has it not dear charles15!? Perhaps this is not the correct channel to observe the little ones. 
	543:09056 what lives that does not live from the death of something else 1110100001110111010010--have faith for 
	the light shall shine upon thee. All 6's here. D'c(n2)v