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From Kipwa:

clue=What part of this page is the 'mystery' text?

name=Kipawa Condor

Webmaster: This specific newspaper date is referred to somewhere else on one of the other MM pages (I'll have to look it up). Anyway, the date and page number matched up to a regular newspaper with nothing special on that page, save for this little announcement that said the Historical Games Society was meeting.

After many, many years of digging I think it's a red herring, I think I got off into the weeds on this one, but I've kept the page around nonetheless just in case.

clue=I'd like to know which page refers to this one.  I should probably go digging through the copies you sent me. Is it the
whole page that is referenced, or only this little section? In any case, after seeing all the things these ads contain, I
think we could consider more than just the Historical Games Society, which admittedly seems likely.  But what about Advance
for Christ, Campus Friends of Israel, or Optimi and Primus (whatever they might be).  I just feel like I've been looking at
things too narrowly.
name=Jessica Augustsson

Discorsus 04.17.2007
For what it's worth, most "hitorical games societies" are miniatures warfare clubs.

	Caleb (Nihilist) - 06.15.2007
Historical Games Society:	
its a british miniatures wargaming club.

additionally, about a year ago on your site, i made a couple posts
about what i thought the mystery was pointing to, and those comments
were somehow lost or redacted to the best of my knowledge.

my comments were that this is about a supposed secret jewish history,
as many of the clues point to places where jews did hold power, or
were rumored to, conspiracy style.

i also said the prize was a new mindset and knowledge, or at least
what the mystery master thinks  that would be.

i dunno if the comments were taken as anti-semitic, or what.

additionally, i suspect the mystery master is a jew, lapsed or perhaps
not brought up strongly in the religion. his mindset tends towards
orthodoxy though, as it relates to this. this is not a Zionist.

L Normile 06.21.2008

This says what the Historic Games Society is: "The Arizona Historical Games Society simulated histori- cal and economic problems throughout the academic year. They analyzed historical events and their implications. Many of the society ' s members were history majors. Members played war games and science fiction along with fantasy games. The club held discussions on current mili- tary and economics situations world-wide. The Games Soci- ety approached serious problems through the games they played while maintaining a sense of ' joie de vivre."

bdh: wow - nice find!

L Normile 06.21.2008

jb 04/25/2021