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Hello Bryan,

I've been puzzling over these "announcements" since arriving in Tucson 
almost twenty years ago.... I had a little free time this week and 
spent it becoming reacquainted with the whole thing. I wish I hadn't 
chucked my old wildcat copies and notes when I moved briefly to New York. 
Anyway, I got you scans of the two messages that I noticed aren't up on 
your site. The ones from April 1983.

-Mike C-------

>Out of curiosity, did the May 1, 1983 (April 29, 1983) ad really read "May Day 1982"? Seems
>a little odd... but since we have the 1982 ad and it looks a little
>different, maybe they just recycled the ads...

Mike C: 
> Yes it did.
> The Chinese characters and face appear identical. The other parts went from 
> hand written to bold block type and that "stray" line went away.

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Clues people have sent in
leakingpen 05.28.2004:
having read the summary, no one mentions that that the sr/cl moves from position to position.  also, sr/cl makes me
think of two things.  strontium chloride, and screen clear.  cr/cl was a command in some early programming language (so the
timeing of 81 actually makes sense) for screen clear (will look up the language, dont remember it right now.  ) which was a
command you had to give to remove what was there.  litterrlly might mean, this is new.  and the position, left right
center, may change the overall meaning.  the problem is, if so, theres probably a codebook with the info in it.  ahh well.

Matt: 06.24.2004
Discussion over the chinese characters, i dont know chinese but i know japanese. The stroke order is only signifigant when
it changes the "fat end" and "skinny end" the skinny end ends the direction of the stroke, the fat end starts it. An additional
line or removal would change the meaning of an individual character.

think of it like Car and Pool imagine those 2 words as two characters together it does not mean a "body of water made of cars" or
something, it means "sharing transportation" the word changes, does not follow the literal readings of the characters. So It says
exactly what the guy said it did before.

Henry B. T. 12.02.2005
From what I remember of the high-school Latin that was pounded into me over two years (by a hard-as-nails old lady who we
joked about having actually spoken the language before it died...), the object always precedes the verb.  Possibly, maybe someone
is poking fun at the fact that the grammar of both it and Penn's arch is incorrect?  And "Viam" could be translated as "way" or
"road".  E.G. "Appian Way"

blankenship 08.27.2006
clue:  If the stray line went away then it wasn't stray.

Galilite 10.06.2006
Could this be that the same message about chairman Mao meant something like, "Nothing new, go on as planned"?

Charlie G 01.02.2008
I know this might be pulling for stuff, but Hannibal used elephants.
Elephants=Smiley with big ears?

Mark 01.06.2009

This may be grasping at straws, but I noticed the term SR CL (without the slash) 
follow the description of a job description for an electrical engineer.

Hope this helps. Maybe the people have a technical backround.	

This may have been mentioned, but here are other  educated guess on the meaning of SR/CL:

SR-is strontium (it is a result of NUCLEAR waste); CL-is Clorine. So it could be Strontium Chloride.  
Strontium Chloride is used as a RED coloring agent in pyrotechniques. Red, May Day, China, ???? Who knows. 
Perhaps a link. Also it could be a numeric reference. Strontium has an atomic number of 38, and chlorine 
has an atomic number of 17. Perhaps SR/CL stands for 38/17 (although yes I am aware that doesn't divide 
evenly). Hmm..just some thoughts. Good luck...

Deucilion 05/17/2010
	ecce panis angelorum