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Aiden 05/01/2020
	 I notice that smiley guy isn't in this text this time (the first time since 1981) and the only thing I can uncover is the latin at the end that says 'pray for us'.

Frederick 05/01/2020
	The coordinates lead to old red museum in dallas county

Marionetista 05/01/2020
First, I miss some old visual elements like the symbols !, #, ★ and ; printed in the page margins (as usual in the past few ADWs),  
Cromwell, Luther, GA and Calvin. But more important: Smiley Guy.

About the Leitmotiv: I'm 95% sure that the "Polish refugee" is Wladyslaw Sikorski and the "English lunatic" is Winston Churchill.

Boudin is blood sausage and Béarn is an old French province. Otherwise,  the text refers to Schlachtfest, festival that 
includes lots of sausages in their menu.	

	The Heer, Wehrmacht, and Kriegsmarine were all divisions of the German military during WWII, which suggests the "Polish refugee" 
	to possibly be Albert Einstein, considering the mentions/imagery of nuclear detonation in previous advertisements.

Terri 05/01/2020
	Coords 42.37... and -7119... are at the old cemetery in Cambridge

EJ 05/02/2020
The quote

"The heir the wehrmacht and the kriegsmarine were defeated by a Polish refugee and an English lunatic-- there is hope for us all."

Might be referring to World War II. Wermacht was a unified armed forces of Nazi Germany from 1935 to 1945. It consisted of the 
Heer, the Kriegmarine and the Luftwaffe. Kriegsmarine is referring to Nazi Germany's Navy. Seem like this "Polish immigrant" 
and the "English Lunatic" Help defend themselves against Nazi Germany. The "hope" is that people are hoping Nazi Germany
 might get defeated.

McGravin 05/04/2020
Assuming the leitmotiv is referencing the cracking of the Enigma cipher in WW2, the Polish refugee would be Marian Rejewski 
and the English lunatic would then be Alan Turing.

Has the Throne of the Third Heaven been mentioned in an ad before? Its full title is "The Throne of the Third Heaven of 
the Nations' Millennium General Assembly", and it's a set of 180 religious objects and accoutrements including a throne 
centerpiece, altars, crowns, lecterns, tablets, and pulpits that were sculpted out of garbage and aluminum foil by 
James Hampton, a janitor unknown to the art world until after his death. Hampton worked in secret in a storage unit,
 the rent on which went unpaid after he died of stomach cancer, until Smithsonian Art Museum assistant director Harry 
 Lowe paid the back rent and bought the Throne of the Third Heaven. Hampton is today hailed as a luminary of "outsider art".

"42.3752930 -71196840" in the last line appears to be a typo; 42.3752930, -71.1196840 are the GPS coordinates of 
the "Old Burying Ground", Harvard Square Cemetery. It has 1,218 known graves since 1653. Maybe someone important 
to the Mystery is buried there, but with one exception in 1981, the last interment was in 1927.

Alex G 05/04/2020
Chicago Pile-1 is the worlds first nuclear reactor created during the Manhattan project, and along with it, a report was 
written in May of 1941 which discusses the creation of the nuclear bomb.

The cybernetically informing and via analogia advancing the agenda was said before in the previous entry.

Alex 05/06/2020
"The Sixth Floor" coordinates is the location of the Old Red Museum of Dollas County.

The second set of coordinates lead to the suburb of Watertown, Massachusetts, USA. It speaks of brothers who are temporarily 
staying there. Ends with "pray for us"

The section that begins "Preparations for the forthcoming Plenary Session..." mentions Leona Woods, an American physicist 
 who helped build the first nuclear reactor (Chicago Pile-1, which is also mentioned) and the first atomic bomb. Then 
 talks about rather a group or a place "The Sixth Floor" of the Old Red Dallas County Museum to advance 'The Agenda' 
 in a analogy sort of way.

Newly harvested pigs (could be an analogy) will be used for 'blood sausages' as Eye on the Prize plays

Pat R 05/06/2020
Hi, I don't know if this is all super basic stuff that you've already figured out, but there are some connections between 
specific phrases on this page which indicate the Dallas, Texas area, as well as something to do with nuclear reactors/nuclear 
technology. First, the Dallas connection. The sentence which reads "...enabling The Sixth Floor (coordinates) to once again, 
via analogia, advance The Agenda" indicates coordinates which point to just outside the Old Red Museum of Dallas County in 
Dallas Texas. Just looking from pictures on Google, that bulding appears to have at least six floors. Also, it mentions 
"Deep Ellum Section", and there happens to be a neighborhood in Dallas called "Deep Ellum". This part is an aside, but in 
that neighborhood there exists a building which was once used as the state headquarters for the Knights of Pythias, a 
fraternal order which was founded in 1864.

Now,as far as the 'nuclear' aspect: the column mentions Leona Woods, and the "Chicago Pile-1" going critical. Leona Woods 
was an early American nuclear physicist, and she was instrumental in the building of the first atomic bomb. Chicago Pile-1 
was was "the world's first artificial nuclear reactor" (according to wikipedia).

Again, I'm new to this mystery, but I'm hopeful that some of this is helpful to you.

Misty Rose 05/06/2020
I'm not sure of this is right, but I think I might have found one of the buildings that the GPS coordinates give off. 
After the text says The Sixth Floor, I put in those coordinates and I got the George L. Allen Sr. Courthouse in Dallas, Texas. 
I looked on the Courthouse website, and they do have a Sixth Floor in their building that contains many Judical and 
Auxiliary courts, and other court related rooms.

josh 05/06/2020
The Sixth Floor and the related lat / long look to tie back to The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza

Apollo 05/09/2020
	"The Heer, the Wehrmacht and the Kriegsmarine, were deadeated by a Polish refugee and an English lunatic--there is hope for us all."
Alan Turing as the english lunatic who deciphered with his mashine named "the bomb", who beat the german kriegsmarine enigma.
The Polish refugee as Joseph Rotblat, who was a scientist at the manhatten project.
In Addition to the NoSQL DBMS could this be a hint to the atomic and information age.
The coordinates belong to the Old Red Museum of Dallas County History & Culture which seems to have only four floors. In regards to this "sixth floor" it could be the clock ath the top of the building. Especially with the word "advance" in regard to time.

T 05/10/2020

32°46'42.0"N 96°48'26.0"W
According to Google maps, is the Dallas County Courthouse in Dallas, TX. The text preceding it makes mention of the sixth floor, but I do not 
believe the sixth floor is a place.

The sentence afterwards is a bit ominous, as it is the most legible. If I had to guess, a meeting is to take place at this location under the 
guise of a banquet. However, I don’t believe The Sixth Floor is a literal place. I believe it is a codename for a group, but will elaborate 
on that further down.

When boudin du béarn is served as “Eye on the Prize” plays in the background, the meeting will begin. That is, assuming “pigs” referred to 
actual pigs. Boudin du bearn, French pork, shares a striking resemblance to that of human flesh. On the topic of pigs, “das schlachtfest” 
is a ritual/ceremonial slaughter of an animal.

42.3752930, -71196840 refers to “Old Burying Grounds” / Harvard Square Cemetery. I found it odd that full names were given, but putting 
in “Peggy Dow” returned nothing. Google indicates that Peggy Dow was an actress, and Lorenzo Dow was a preacher, but how the two are 
related is beyond me. This leads me to believe people are given codenames from historical figures, and groups are to be given 
codenames relating to their position. For example, Deep Ellum Section and Chicago Pile-1.
Deep Ellum is the name of a neighborhood in Dallas,
Chicago Pile-1 is the name of a Nuclear reactor, but there’s nothing on the internet stating that it ever went critical.

In the May Day message, CP-1 could also refer to an operation.

This idea of codenames is supported by the reference to Latimer and Ridley, two Protestants burned at the stake in Oxford.

NoSDQL DBMS refers to a database system. It seems this “Latimer and Ridley” are preparing a large database for the storing and 
retrieval of large amounts of data. I say this because they specified NoSQL, which is typically used for large amounts of data.

The Summer Tour refers to an event that will be held on June 7th (Trinity Sunday). Supposedly it will be compared to some standard. 
Perhaps the Summer Tour is everything I’ve mentioned above?

Daniel P 05/15/2020
The bottom co-ordinates give us the address of 11-13 Heather Rd, Watertown, MA which was sold on February 4 2019. 
The property is less than 300m away from a cemetery and a small elementary school. The co-ordinates directly 
following the comment "The Sixth Floor" references a parking garage on 601 Commerce St, Dallas, TX. This is 
directly outside the 'Old Red Museum of Dallas County History & Culture'. What is more interesting, however, 
is the extremely close proximity to the site of JFK's assassination, less than 200m away from the marked co-ordinates.
The area not only includes many JFK related memorials and a number of courthouses, it is less than 400m from the 
before mentioned 'The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza' at 411 Elm St, Dallas, TX. The Museum, located within
the former Texas School Book Depository building which was used as a sniper's nest the assassination of
President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. There is a live camera filmed from the site!
of the sniper's nest if anything of interest happens to arise in this area located at I hope this surface level research into the provided co-ordinates may prove useful in some way.

Joseph 06/03/2020
The Sixth Floor (coords) points to old red museum of dallas which happens to be six stories tall and Deep Ellum is a 
part of dallas that is nearby.

There seems to be some allusion to a dress code and or password with my best guess being "oxblood" as Bearn's flag 
is an ox and boudin is usually "blood pudding".

"Newly harvested pigs" could be freshmen / new membership?

Sadly I can't find a date but it is likely the date/time listed in 5/1/98

wise jerk 06/07/2020
Mr Hance,
Today is Trinity Sunday.
66 years ago, Alan Turing died.
Render therefore to all men their dues.
Tribute, to whom tribute is due:
custom, to whom custom:
fear, to whom fear:
honour, to whom honour.
This Is Only a Foretaste of What Is To Come,
and Only the Shadow of What Is Going To Be.
--Sea Cooke

Cay 05/10/2020
Interesting to mention Lorenzo & Peggy Dow, evangelists from the late 1700s to the early 1800s. Dow 
traveled around the US and Canada and Europe (I beleive) preaching his word. Dow was also buried near 
DC eventually. 

Sea Cooke 06/23/2020
It is almost the 490th Anniversary.
108 years ago today Alan Turing was born.
to all their dues:
to whom tribute [is due], tribute;
to whom custom, custom;
to whom fear, fear;
to whom honour, honour.
3rd   VE

Leonie 06/26/2020
Peggy Dow is an American philanthropist and retired actress. Here's a  link to her Wikipedia:,in%20Bright%20Victory%20(1951).

Godzilla 12/01/2020

Harvard School Porcelin Club Fraternity possible organization also English Lunitic might be a reference to Alistar Crowley he worked for the 
crown sis/Mi -6 as referenced in Richard B. Spence book Special Agent 666 his claim to fame was cover through 2 world wars think Polish 
Generals in exile in UK working with SOE/SIS at a loss for a name for most accomplished one who ran resistance units behind enemy lines 
during WW2 best I can do for clue

Godzilla 12/30/2020

I've organized, translated, and made sense the bolded, underlined and italicized words/phrases to the best of my ability. Each categorie 
is sorted by when the item occurred in the message.

Un (underlined)
begun (underlined and bolded)
If you remove "un" from "begun" you get "beg".
Bold/italicized (the only words italicized were also bolded):
Leitmotiv: a recurring theme or idea
sub specie: sub species
das Schlachtfest: the slaughter festival
via analogia: a way to explain spiritual reality using analogies
May Day 2020:
Lorenzo and Peggy Dow: A preacher (Lorenzo Dow) and his wife (Peggy Dow). Lorenzo Dow was considered crazy for his religious beliefs.
Latimer & Ridely: two people that were burnt at the stake in Europe during a religious purge for their religious beliefs and teachings.
Laus Deo!: Praise God!
The Agenda: possibly a religious reference
Boudin du Bearn: the closest I could find to a translation was "Boudin you bear".
Additionally, the information in the parentheses after the words "Sixth floor" could be a vector force. I hope this was helpful.

I forgot to include this after "Laus Deo!" in my list for bolded words.

Leona Woods: an American physicist. She helped build the first nuclear reactor and the first atomic bomb.

Brian 4/10/2021
There are many references to the ad from may 5 98, sub species ADW means from the view of ADW. Again The loyal 
order of unreconstructed freaks is mentioned in the 89 ad.Third heaven is mentioned as the greatest of heavens 
and some claim that it is different than paradise. Dixwell, Whalley are avenues and goffe is a street in New 
Haven, Conneticut. They have an intersect but I couldn't make anything of it, but I am not an American so it 
is possible for someone living in us to make something out of it.NoSQL DBMS means NoSQL database management 
system, via analogia is used by St. Augustus to understand god, as name suggests in a way of an analogy. 
There are other clues in other comments, hope this helps.

NCSWIC 5/01/2021
The Return. Bāb-ilim. The Dawn Of A New Age. "Kill them. For the Lord knows those that are His own"

OLDWVLF 5/01/2021
Start with the all-American fact that Mayak is the location of the recently completed “Plutonium Palace,” 
a heavily fortified $350 million warehouse, which was paid for by the U.S. Congress[...]”(1). The Mayak 
Production Association (Russian: Производственное объединение «Маяк», Proizvodstvennoye ob′yedineniye 
"Mayak", from Маяк 'lighthouse') is one of the biggest nuclear facilities in the Russian Federation, 
housing a reprocessing plant(2).

- (1)
(2)Wikipedia - “Mayak”

	On the second page - the long horn-shaped object with the equations below it is known as 
	Gabriel's Horn (wiki page here	

Antonio 05.01.2021
The latin phrase

Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius

Means : "Kill them. For the Lord knows that are His own".

This phrase is actually a phrase said by the commander of the Albigensian Crusade, prior to the massacre at Béziers.

I think the clue actually says keep this phrase relevant. Keep the Albigensian Crusade relevant, or the massacre relevant.

The date August 30 of 69 may refer to 69 AD, one year before the Siege of Jerusalem ended

The432rgd 05/01/2021
8/30/69 could it mean the grateful dead concert that happened at the family dog near San Francisco. 
It could also be related to to the "hotel California" mentioned later on as well. 

nothrn 05/01/2021
 Chinese on second page: 福无双至今朝至 is the first line of a fabled pair of decorative calligraphy, 
 meaning roughly "good things rarely come in pairs but they did this morning", could be in reference 
 to the two page ad. Not sure what the Cyrillic on the right side is and how it corresponds to the 
 other half.

Adam J. 05/01/2021
Looks like it's missing the ! ★ # ; symbols. Also, the mushroom cloud shown in the first announcement 
is actually shaped like a clown. Not sure if that's relevant, but who knows.

endy 05/01/2021
Keeping "Kill them. For the Lord knows who is his." relevant = Keeping Arnaud Amalric relevant? During the Albigensian 
crusade, Arnaud was reported to have ordered both Cathars and Catholics killed, rather than attempt to distinguish 
between them.

I imagine this is impossible to fully crack--or at least very difficult--as it seems like they pass out codes at 
whatever meetings they attend that translate portions of these images, hence the constant reference to past dates.

The "Plutonium Palace" is apparently a warehouse in Russia, paid for by Congress, owned by the Mayak Production 
Association, full of fissile material.	

jcr 05.03.2021
	Du temps perdu is french for "of lost time" from the famous novel by Marcel Proust
"A la recherche du temps perdu", "In search of lost time".
What's missing is "in search", "à la recherche".

John 05.03.2021
The painting of the ship is titled "The Devonshire Bound for New York". The artist is Montague Dawson, who lived from 1890-1973.

The 491st anniversary of Confessio Augustana (assuming this refers to the publication date) will take place June 25th of this year.

The Endless Line of Splendor" could be referencing the book "An Endless Line of Splendor". Written by Earl E. Cairns, an author 
who focused on religious history, and was published in 1986. This title focuses of revival movements, pilgrimage, and field preaching.

Jay 05.03.2021
	The blue text at the bottom is, i think south african. Pretty sure It means that is written in that book

John 05.03.2021

I think this group/cult is related to the protestant religion and the religion of Calvinism. This is all 
related to the Christian religion and there will be a meeting at the plutonium palace at the hotel 

Passerby 05.03.2021

"Второй звонок" - "second bell" in Russian.

"Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius." - "Kill them. For the Lord knows those that are His own." A phrase reportedly 
spoken by the commander of the Albigensian Crusade, prior to the massacre at Béziers on 22 July 1209.

"Plutonium palace" - a storage facility at Mayak. Russia (paid for by US Congress) housing fissile materials from about 12,500 
dismantled Russian nuclear weapons.

Breitenfeld Battle (1631) - The Protestants' first major victory of the Thirty Years War. The victory confirmed Sweden's 
Gustavus Adolphus of the House of Vasa as a great tactical leader and induced many Protestant German states to ally with 
Sweden against the German Catholic League, led by Maximilian I, Elector of Bavaria, and the Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II.

"du temps perdu" - allusion to "À la recherche du temps perdu" ("In Search of Lost Time"), famous novel by Marcel Proust.

"Non possum diutius sine amore vivere" - Latin for "I cannot longer live without love"

"dit staan in die Boek geskryf" - Afrikaans for "it is written in the Book"

Perry 05.05.2021
"Εγνω Κύριος τούς ὃντας αύτοῦ" (ancient Greek, not modern) translates to "I know the Lord of these beings".

"du temps perdu" (French) translates to "wasted time".

The Chinese characters roughly translate to "the king of fortune", although I am not entirely sure.

The Russian translates to "second call".

The Latin translates to "I am not able any longer to live without the love of..." (mathematical equation 
probably provides ending) and "Kill them. Their remonstrances, Domen knows those who are his."

That should be all of the translations.
Oh, and also, that's Gabriel's Horn, which has finite volume but infinite surface area. So the Latin phrase above it 
may be alluding to those attributes in some way.

Luna 05.06.2021
The trumpets are sounding. The old ways of communicating are telepathically. We owe God a death being,
A leader of the opposite forces of energy. The cooridinates are where the veil is thinning and will
rip or where the frquency and magnetic pulses will raise the vibration.

These are just a summery of my thoughts as I scanned the pages of the last few years.

okay, the Hotel California is a reference for prison of sort. You can go but you cannot leave. The 
reason it gives dates instead of addresses is because the dates are the addresses. In the 4th dimension 
time is not time but a place and a place is only reachable through space time. The third level is the third dimension.  
so its refering to a place in time in the third dimension reached by way of the forth. 

Iliana 05.09.2021

The Greek phrase is from the Bible, Letter to Timotheon the Second (b' 11-19). It talks about the 
strength that God and the Holy Spirit gives to people and its a letter of hope. I dont know how it 
could be combined with anything else..

x.inifinity.x 05.10.2021
hint- Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.
Latin google translate gave me something mildly concerning... "Kill them. For the Lord knows who are his."

hint-dit staan in die Boek geskryf
Google seems to think this is Afrikaans. "it is written in the Book"
This line seems to reference 5/1/91. So perhaps there is a book reference or person referenced who may be fluent in Afrikaans in the 5/1/91 post.

hint- Non possum diutius sine amore vivere
Back to Latin "I am not able any longer to live without the love of"
The first half of the equation below it ends up in a almost mushroom V-shape. This shape appears again in the last half of the second equation.

hint- RE: du temps perdu:
This is French for "RE: wasted time"

hint- Второй звонок
Google recommends Russian "second call"

hint- the ship image on page one.
this ship looks eerily similar to the one in the center of the page of 5/1/91. 5/1/91 is referenced on the bottom of page two 
of 5/1/2021. Separately, I could not find an artist attached to the exact image. It appears to be a generic art piece available 
on amazon:

hint- 8/30/69
Interesting but potentially unrelated fact. 8/30 every year is the International Day of the Disappeared.

Nathan3301 05.11.2021
the date 8/30/69 has a star next to it and on the date august 30'th in 1481 two Latvian monarchs were executed for conspiracy to murder polish king Kazimierz IV. 
I think this is important because in the red text it says "the 491st anniversary of the confessio augustana" which the Confessio Agustana also known as the
 Augustan Confession or the Augustana from its Latin name, Confessio Augustana, is the primary confession of faith of the Lutheran Church and one of the 
 most important documents of the Protestant which it is the 491st anniversary of the book which was released June 25, 1530. 
I am yet to figure out what the year in 8/30/69 is or if it has any connection. 

I also noticed that some of the lines were bolded in different parts and wondered if that had anything to do with it. also at the very bottom it 
says "RE:du temps perdu: soon, sally soon." and I translated the first part from french to english and it came back as wasted time so fully 
in english it says "wasted time: soon, sally, soon." at the top it also says "leitmotiv" in cursive which when you put into google 
translate it translates to leitmotif in English which means a recurrent theme throughout a musical or literary composition, 
associated with a particular person, idea, or situation. But I am yet to translate the font next to the word or figure 
out what the word has to do with anything

on the second image it has the text "non possum diutius sine amore vivere" which translates from latin saying "I am not able any longer to 
live without the love of?I am not able any longer to live without the love of" and then under that there is the picture of what looks like
a math equation. at the bottom of the second page it also translates from latin where it says "Keeping caedite eos. novit enim dominus qui 
sunt eius relevant." to "keeping Kill them. For the Lord knows who are his relevant" there are also 4 different set of four stars each 
with a different star filled with a red character, they all also have different names above each of them, "luther, calvin, gustavus A, 
cromwell" which has something to do with the may day puzzle from 2008, which mentions "luther and calvin are famous protestant 
religious reformers while cromwell and gustavus adolphus are famous protestant military commanders." 

cole 07.1.2021

near the top under the picture of the boat are 2 dates 8/30/69 (oct 30th 1969)

and 5/1/72 (may 1st 1972)

take  look at the articles from these dates, maybe its trying to say that these 2 are somehow more important than the others.		

slimqubit 07/18/2021

Regarding the second page announcement, with the two mathematical formulas.
1.      The image refers to Gabriel’s Horn (otherwise known as Toricelli’s trumpet). It is philosophically of high importance, due to the fact that it has infinite surface area, but finite volume (therefore it can be filled with paint but its surface area would not be fully painted, coated – a paradox). It transmits the fact that one object that can be seen as infinite in one perspective, may be finite, or graspable, something that can comprehended.
2.      The volume formula is correct. If we take the limit as variable “a” approaches infinity, we see that the volume is equal to pi. However, the surface area formula is WRONG. The surface area is
$$ A = 2 pi int_{1}^{a} frac{1}{x} sqrt{1 + frac{1}{x^4}}dx $$ (LaTeX language). It isn’t equal to what is written in the poster, but greater than 2pi.ln(a)
3.      The interesting is that the converse, a surface with infinite volume, but finite surface area is impossible.
4.      Now, I don’t think that this reference is actually of mathematical nature, but of historical and religious nature. From what I see at first glance, it directly points to Archangel Gabriel (which is indeed respect in both the Catholic and Lutheran Church). He has the symbolism of a messenger of God, the angel of revelation and punishment. He is also known as the angel who blows the horn to announce Judgement Day (it is interesting that they chose this part of religion, because it is an event that even the oldest religion – Zoroastrianism refers to in the Frashokereti). The fact that the formula is wrong (I believe intentionally) suggests that the associated event is also inexistent, i.e. Judgement Day is a lie. I know that Lutherans do not believe in any sort of earthly millennial kingdom of Christ either before or after his second coming on the last day, where The Son would judge the righteousness, and his judgement will be just damnation for the wicked and a gift of !
 life everlasting to the righteous.
5.      I also looked at Toricelli, and other mathematicians who disputed this interesting property of infinity, so Thomas Hobbes, John Wallis and Galileo Galilei (a teacher of Toricelli’s). You can find more correlations from here.
6.      The Latin phrase (up) “NON POSSUM DIUTIUS SINE AMORE VIVERE” means “I can no longer live without love”. The second latin phrase (down) “Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.” Is a phrase spoken by the commander of the Albigensian Crusade, prior to the massacre at Beziers (July 22, 1209). It translates to “Kill them. The Lord knows those that are his own” (correlated with (4)). Again, correlated with Catholicism. The Albigensian Crusade was intended to eliminate Catharism, a religious movement denounced by the Catholic Church as heretical. This phrase has ben adopted by the members of the U.S.A. military.
7.      The right Russian phrase, converting the Cyrillic alphabet is: “Vtoroj zvonok”. I speak some Russian, it means “Second call” (which to me seems perfectly correlated with (4), i.e. the second coming of Jesus, a second chance, something that was also referred in other posts)   
8.      The background consists of the first deployed atomic bomb (July 16, 1945). Maybe the Russian phrase refers to it as a mistake of humanity (not the best hypothesis)
9.      I don’t know why, but, for Cromwell, O. and Gustavus, A. the red element is not a star, but a “#”, so then we shall only study Luther and Calvin, the two opposed to the Catholic  Church.
10.     Breitenfield  Battle Bond = Battle of Breitenfield (1631), a part of the Thirty Years’ War, something that indeed happened during Evangelista Toricelli’s lifetime (1608-1647)
11.     Quantum decoherence is when there doesn’t exist a definite phase relation between two states of subatomic particles.

Nathan 07.27.2021
“non possum diutius sine amore vivere” french to english “I am not able any longer to live without the love of”

russian text down side of screen translates to english saying “second call”

Chinese text down left side of screen translates to “in t year, the king is judged,”
keeping caedite eos. novit enim dominus qui sunt eius relevant is what it says at the bottom and the words keeping and relevant are both bolded and underlined translates from latin to english saying “Cut keeping them. for the lord knows those who are his relevant”
At the bottom of the screen it says “the loyal order of Un-reconstructed freaks} 5/1/91, II: dit staan in die boek geskryf” which the blue text translates from afrikaans to english saying “it is written in the book” which makes me think whatever “it is” is in the book of “Augsburg Confession” because of what was put on the first image

Phx 08.02.2021
So the coordinates lead to Cambridge cemetery.

and findagrave says this about it:

"Except for the ashes of Christ Church's minister, Dr. Gardiner Day, which were placed under a path in 1981, the last burial was that of the Reverend Samuel McChord Crothers, a minister of the First Parish, Unitarian, in 1927."

so "Christ Church's minister, Dr. Gardiner Day, 1981" seems to be the obvious clue

Thomas 08.09.2021
"Boudin du Béarn" (bolded in the fourth from last line) refers to a kind of pork blood sausage from the Béarn region, an old province in the French Pyrenees on the border with Spain. The region's Wikipedia page notes that d'Artagnan in Dumas' "Three Musketeers" came from Béarn, as did Henry IV, the first King of France from the House of Bourbon. Henry was famous for converting between Protestantism and Catholicism several times throughout his life, and was assassinated in 1610.

Perhaps the sausage has something to do with das Schlachtfest ("the slaughter festival")? And I'd imagine Henry IV's association with Béarn holds some significance, given his importance in the French wars of religion.

Recipe for boudain béarnais (from Quebec, in French):

Wikipedia page for the same dish (also in French):

Wikipedia page for Béarn (in English):

Ruben 09.09.2021
Re: Second Page--

Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius = A direct translation of the Medieval Latin phrase is "Kill them. The Lord knows those that are his own".

So if they are to keep this phrase relevant, it seems like they are looking to rid the world and let God sort them out. (Mushroom cloud in the background) [And possible Horn of Jericho in the color insert]

Additionally, during the Albigensian Crusade it seems like this phrase is connected to the attempted elimination of Catharism, a group disliked by Catholics.

The writing on the right hand side Второй Звонок can be translated as the Second Calling, and as we all know when G-d calls you twice you must listen to elevate. Jumping off of that point, the photo in the background is the resulting mushroom cloud following the SECOND nuclear bombing of Japan (Nagasaki, Aug 9, 1945)

Obviously this is all on the surface readings. 

Garrett 09.17.2021
	The Leitmotiv at the top of the page is in Greek and is found in the Greek versions of the bible. It is 2 Timothy 2:19 and translates to "The Lord knows those who are his"

Torch 10.08.2021
"Второй звонок" - "second bell" in Russian.

"Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius." - "Kill them. For the Lord knows those that are His own." A phrase reportedly spoken by the commander of the 
Albigensian Crusade, prior to the massacre at Béziers on 22 July 1209.

"Plutonium palace" - a storage facility at Mayak. Russia (paid for by US Congress) housing fissile materials from about 12,500 dismantled Russian nuclear 

Breitenfeld Battle (1631) - The Protestants' first major victory of the Thirty Years War. The victory confirmed Sweden's Gustavus Adolphus of the House of 
Vasa as a great tactical leader and induced many Protestant German states to ally with Sweden against the German Catholic League, led by Maximilian I,
 Elector of Bavaria, and the Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II.

"du temps perdu" - allusion to "À la recherche du temps perdu" ("In Search of Lost Time"), famous novel by Marcel Proust.

"Non possum diutius sine amore vivere" - Latin for "I cannot longer live without love"

"dit staan in die Boek geskryf" - Afrikaans for "it is written in the Book"

Silas 11.27.2022
The Cyrillic text translates to"second call"

Shaina 05/02/2022
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Erik 02/10/2022
The Japanese theme here calls to mind the 2011 Crimson Kimono ad. We ought to cross reference.
Also, one question - are these still being published in the ADW?