Posted 07/05/2022 - Series of messages from Dmitry P from an .ru domain
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Subject: SETI at home. Mayday encryption.
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- Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!
- Mayday? What the hell is that for?
- Mayday? Why, that's the Russian New Year.
  We'll have a big parade.
  We'll serve hot hors d'oeuvres.
- I can't stand it anymore. I've gotta get out of here. (Airplane! 1980)
I think Arthur C. Clarke said - Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not... Both are equally terrifying.
... I need an international set of signals (International Code of Signals)
SR/CL ... The SR code is missing from the signal set, perhaps this is a deliberate mistake to facilitate meaningful contact.
CL - I offered help, but it was declined.
I don't know how to use a set of signals, but perhaps I could give a meaningful answer.
ZQ - Your signal is apparently encoded incorrectly. You should check and repeat the entire signal.
ZL - Your signal is received, but not understood.
I do not know who he is, how old he is, whether he has a teacher, but in my opinion he is well aware of the nature of the cargo (ST)
I could try to make meaningful contact with him, but both outcomes frighten me. Is it worth coming into contact with a foreign civilization? How it can turn out.
On the other hand, do we have the moral right to ignore the distress signal?

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	Subject: Message from Io. Test drive.
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	outcome №2
	The leitmotif is a Riddle: The more you take from it, the bigger it becomes.
	The answer is the Arizona Pit.
	I think it's not bad to start with, you will also have your own mysteries with dominoes and Gregorian chorale.

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07/01/2022 #2
Subject: Responding sequence. My sketch book
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Outcom №3
Slide №1
Timmy Robinson meets Danny.

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Subject: by two words
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- Well, in general terms, what do they want?
- Well, it's not difficult to understand them in general, what can may want from earthly life for 40 years? Maybe a fifth iPhone? 
They don't live that way for long. So they correctly noticed that "Old love does not rust", for me he will always remain a 
seven-year-old schoolboy, "Darth our Vader". Remember the movie "Big daddy" 1999? My God, at that time I was exactly the 
same idiot as Adam Sandler. And eight years ago, I wouldn't even have been able to read a any word in the messages of the 
mystical order "Mayday".

Subject: Nostradamus prize II.
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We continue semantic excavations.
Today we have the theme "The Adventures of Timmy and Danny"
As it imagine to me - In general, it's banal))

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Subject: Nostradamus prize III
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07/05/2022 #2
Subject: Remember the future.
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The leitmotif: Whoever have ears also can fly.

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