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Lina 07.04.2005
The Swedish text reads:
"The central church committee in Sweden"
The entire line looks like a 'works cited' or bibliography entry.

Michael 07.06.2005
That circle is a unit circle...basic precalculus. June 25 is three days AFTER this was posted. May 1st, 1989 has been
crossreferenced before, but I'm not sure what date.

"Aliter" means "otherwise," and can be applied to mean "requiring a different rule." 

The book at the bottom is...well...a book, but I can't find a translation yet. It appears to be on Nordic history (?).

Okay, as I'm typing this, I'm seeing a lot of Lutheran references with "totaliter aliter" in parentheses next to 
them, like a disclaimer. I'm trying to find a definition of it.

The weird language on the left looks Russian. Above the chessboard looks Arabic, and I'm not far enough into 
my class to translate it yet.

The brackets suggest that the circle is the fourth component, since the other three are around the chessboard.

Jacob 07.20.2005
The bibliographic reference at the bottom seems to be similar to "Cnattingius, Hans. Den centrala kyrkostyrelsen i Sverige
1611-1636. Uppsala 1939. Aa. 411 s. Ded. ex. Nyskick. [#37199] 300:-" ... So the name of the book seems to be incorrectly spelled
(this is becoming a common occurance in Swedish references).  styrelse->'board of directors', kyrka->church, so basically we have
The Central Church Directors, 1611-1636, I guess published in 1939 in Uppsala?  

Kennerly 07.24.2005
some physical states are known as "red" and "blue" and so forth.  has something to do with quantum physics and is related to
dimensions.  get somebody who knows more but notice the "red" in the box with the symbols and foreign letters.  i think "blau" is
german for "blue" and the people behind this seem to rely heavily on quantum physics so this might be a lead.

Kat Mitchell 08.02.2005
Knowing very little about chess--there's no checkmate there--but, it may be a famous board from some tournament
somewhere--anybody got any clues? That might possible hint to someplace--russia? Wasn't there a few famous russian chess players
and some jewish chess players during the 70's? Just a thought...

jessica 08.12.2005
The Swedish at the bottom of the page should actually be:

Den centrala kyrkostyrelseN i Sverige, meaning The Central Church Supervisory Board of Sweden.  Hans Cnattingius seems to have been
a teacher, probably at Uppsala University, and has written several books about the Catholic church, the reformation, how the church
developed in Sweden, etc., from medieval times to more recent periods.  It's not easy to find information about him, and I've only
seen any of his books listed at various used  bookshops around Sweden.  

Alchemist 08.21.2005
CNATTINGIUS, HANS: Den centrala kyrkostyrelsen i Sverige 1611-1636. Uppsala 1939

Hans Cnattingius was a Professor of theology or possibly religios history at The U of Uppsala, Sweden.

Wrote a multitude of publications concerning the history of protestantianism in Scandinavia etc.

Juls 09/20.2005
clue:  Re. SR/CL - we've puzzled long and hard about this and none of the ideas put forward so far has seemed, to me at least, to
be really satisfactory. Then I figured, what would make the most sense - it sits there at the top of every announcement like some
kind of header.  Maybe it's something specific to them - what are their central issues - the Reformation, structural change - maybe
the SR stands for 'Structural Reformation'?  I didn't figure out the CL bit yet, but I'll get to it later.  Meantime I googled
'Structural Reformation' and I hit the following page, which may or may not be relevant but which is kinda interesting and refers
to many of the places that have come up here. 

"a review of one of the most rapid developments in church history, described by many as 'the structural reformation of the church
at the end of the second millennium'

It's about a rebirth of the Christian church from the ground up by the looks of it.  One of the aims of these guys seems to be the
establishment of a Protestant Christian Theocracy.  Might be worth thinking about.

Juls 09.26.2005
Re. The Tibetan above the chessboard - this transliterates to: yan. dag. pa'i. dran. pa. - which I get to mean roughly,
something like: 'keep in mind utmost purity' or 'keep purity uppermost in awareness'.

erthur 10.10.2005
	Some are claiming the Swedish isn't correct this time but I wouldn't know one way or the other about Swedish grammar or
linguistics.  A point does  come to mind though and it is that all chess games are won by one side making a major mistake.  What
famous game is featured so prominently in this announcement?  Whooever lost it made a major error so the syntax which is in
error--assuming that what the others say is correct would mirror the same error by analogy.We know that these people are absorbed
or even captivated by analogy.  I suspect the error or whatever directly mirrors the game and the outcome of that famous chess game
tells one of the sub-groups to make their next move.

Heindrix 10.15.2005
	Central African Republic or Niger, read the news for dates specified. LAT/LON

Anonymous Coward 10.18.2005
The text on the left is interesting on many levels. First of all, it's put together from at least three alphabets. The
gothic text is German, of course, where "(zu) wissen" means "(to) know" and "zwischen" means "between".

The H, Y, s and so on.. they could mean anything, but I'd say that it's a set of variable assignments missing the equals sign. If
so, is it just a coincidence that the sequence is monotonically increasing? Is the order chosen by value, or by variable name? Can
any physicist think of a situation where H, Y, s, ... has a standard meaning?

What really caught my eye, though, is the =backwards= lambda, and the phi next to it might be backwards as well (impossible to
tell, it looks the same reflected around the X axis).

1347 and 1530-1580 look like years, right? Hm. v d Schardt and Bettes both lived 1530-1580, as did Juan Navarro. Perhaps it's the
time in office of some religious official? Or perhaps it refers to (Cathy Shrank: 'Writing the
Nation in Reformation England, 1530-1580')? This would certainly fit with the Cnattingus reference. If it is, and let's assume that
"@ 41" for Cnattingus is a page reference, can we use the numbers in the text to get a whole page number for Shrank? (I'm currently
looking for Cnattingus' book to scan page 41.)

1347 is, of course ... the year the Black Plague started. Incidentally, it's also the year St. Catherine of Siena was born, and the
year Cola de Rienzo declared himself the Roman dictator (and was summarily denounced by pope Clement VI).

To sum it up, I'm getting nowhere with this at the moment. I'm planning a trip to KB (yup, I'm in Sweden) to try to dig up
Cnattingus' book, as soon as I get around to it.

Anonymous Coward 11.09.2005
My Russian isn't what it should be, but I thought that short word just before 'zwischen' 
looked familiar. It means "poison".

(Could refer to cancer treatment, that's been something of a recurring theme. A 
translation error? Cyostatics are called "[--garbled--]").

Oh, crap, that's what I get for trying to paste Unicode into this form. Look it up yourself if you want or just trust me
on this. Drop that last sentence if you don't, please.

Jason K 11.22.2005
In this chess position, white Rf6 is a winning move that leads to checkmate very quickly no matter what black does.

janicejoplin 11.23.2005
	are bombs "neutron initiated"?  i don't know and probably most other readers don't either.  one way or the other they are
making some kind of statement but for us non-bomb people or at least non-physics types it's unclear if the intent is hostile or

anonymous 11.26.2005
I think I just had a breakthrough! Though unfortunately I have no idea what it means. *sweatdrop*

I noticed the 1530-1580 in the text to the left. This led me to look for people who were born in 1530 and died in 1580. One name
immediately stood out: Ruy Lopéz de Segura. He was a Spanish priest who wrote a book called "Libro de la invención liberal y arte
del juego del Axedrez" that is widely considered one of the first chess manuals in Europe. He is also considered by many to be the
first unofficial world chess champion. He also created the "Ruy Lopez Opening," one of the most common chess openings since it
leads to White castling almost immediately. It's been used in numerous famous games, but I can't quite pin down which one this was.
It's possible that this may even be the game in which Ruy Lopez lost to Leonardo di Bona, a Roman lawyer.

Also, the + in a circle symbol in the text to the left may mean many things. It's Odin's Cross, also known as the Gamma Cross or
the Consecration Cross. It was also used by alchemists to note copper alloys or meteoric iron. It's used in astrology to symbolize
Earth (elemental or the planet), and means a radar station on German maps. In hobo signs it means "generous people live here."

Colin 12.03.2005
text on the left: there are 4 cyrillic characters.  first one, right before 'blau' transliterates to zh, has no real meaning
that i'm aware of alone.  next, after the star in the fourth line is shch, again no meaning.  two right after the 8 digit number in
line 8 are 'yad' this is the russian word for poison.
also, after the lambda in line 9 is an f, and the third character in line 10 can be a d.

Ian 12.06.2005
I do not know what game that chess position is from, but with regards to the position itself, White will win if he moves his
rook to f6.

J.k. Jackson 12.22.2005
clue:  The pieces on the board are indentical.So the pieces that are NOT on the board are
indentical. Symmetry???

D. Thomasson 02.13.2006
No better way to leave your signature on a document, than to leave one of your own chess games as a clue.  The chess
position comes from a 1964 Correspondence game between H. (Hartmut?) Freitag-(White) and S. Lilly-(Black) which you can replay on
my website at 

Hartmut Freitag, along with Gerhard Friedrich, wrote about
independent diagnosis problems - in Proceedings of the International Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and
Reasoning, Cambridge, MA Oct. 1992 along with different belief systems.  Hartmut also wrote many articles for the Annals of
Mathematics and Artificial Inelligence.  You can see more at and  

Freitag worked at Fachhochschule Mainz University of Applied Sciences. 
Read one of their papers that include mathematics, languages, ciphers (decoding/unicode) and other interesting items at  You might also notice other ciphered paid advertisements that you have posted from
ADW that include chess references, or names of great chess players.  One article stated (g1) and (f3) which is a King Knight's
initial move on the chessboard.  

These many ciphers over the past 22 years may be part of a modern Knights Templar order, or some
other similar order.  The information I've provided may not be correct, especially about Hartmut Freitag, but the chess game is
correct.  If you get a chance, take a look at to see various ciphers used by Knights
Templars, and new ciphers I've created that could also be used by Templars or other orders.

cynic2 06.16.2006
Can anybody translate the Tibetan within a _context_?  Maybe we have to get some lama
to help out but I think it is connected with the 'walking through walls' stuff in the smaller
ad for May Day which was a real shocker to me. Rather than burning out or going broke or
being out of gas I think both they and their opponents are operating at full blast.  If my
theory is correct they would be at pains to present themselves as broke, poor, worthless,
financial zeroes in addition to being crazy. If you've got enough money 99% of the human race
is for sale.  No news in saying that because we all know it.  The point is that if you are
using some kind of mental penetration (I can't think of a better way to say it)then it could
very easily be upset by too much interference in the sense that social attention would be the
equivalent of static or very high background noise.  If you're as poor as 'yo dude' that
lives in a dumpster then the same 99% that can be bought figure you are harmless.  That's why
I think the bunch that puts these in at least this Arizona paper would be almost impossible
to track by standard methods.  For example I read last week that over 30,000,000 Americans
are behind in their credit card payments.  It wouldn't be difficult to hide among 30 million
people and we know that some of them aren't even in the USA.  That to me is the creepy
part--if you take this down a piece at a time it isn't nuts and it is very workable.  We just
don't know how it works and every bum or foreclosed person or bankrupt couple could be one or
more of the conspirators. 

Hans 08.21.2006
Many people have remarked that the Swedish is incorrect but I have actually seen that citation before.  So if it
is "wrong" then the person who wrote it in Swedish originally was also wrong.  I guess my point is that the freaks are
referring to an actual source that in the very changing context of the Swedish language used that literal citation.  I
think these people are very literal in many ways and that is one reason they are so hard to understand.

dork0 08.27.2006
 What does the Greek mean?  
we still lack translations on many of the non-English sentences.

tashi 09.07.2006

The Tibetan "yang dag pa'i dran pa" is a standard formula which translates "samyaksmriti", or "right mindfulness." This is the seventh element of the Buddhist Eightfold Path.

D Thomasson 09.24.2005

dork0's post on 08.27.2006 asks for a translation of the Greek text.

Here is a literal translation of the Greek: "Not he/it in the head, but while the head he/it is."

This is my translation of the Greek text: "Not what's in the head, but what is the head."

The Greek phrase is not in the Scriptures directly, but relates heavily to the Scriptures.

The great early 18th century dutch pietist of the Reformed Church, Gerrit ter Steegen, also known as Gerhard (Gerhardt) Tersteegen, wrote many hymns, poems, and theological literature as a layman of the church. In one of Tersteegen's writings, he states:

Not in the head, but in the heart is found the living truth itself, the anointing that teaches us all things. In the heart is found the living fountain of light. Any one that lives in a heart entertained with God, will often with a glance of the eye discern more truth than another with the greatest exertion."

Rev. Andrew Murray in the late 1800s quoted the above Tersteegen text in one of his own writings: The New Life: Words of God for the Young Disciples. His comments about the text follows:

In the heart is the temple where worship in spirit and truth takes place. Distrust, deny your understanding in spiritual things. The natural understanding is in the head: the spiritual understanding is in the heart, the Temple of God. Only when Jesus comes in, does self go out.

Scripturally, Christ is the head of man and God is the head of Christ:

Now I want you to realize that the head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is man, and the head of Christ is God. - 1 Cor. 11:3

The supremacy of Christ can be found in Colossians:

He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation. For by him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things were created by him and for him. He is before all things, and in him all things hold together. And he is the head of the body, the church; he is the beginning and the firstborn from among the dead, so that in everything he might have supremacy. - Col. 1:15-18


Jason 01.15.2007
	their are no knights in this chess set, i think i remember reading in another artical about a knight ... could be connected.
I think the chess peices are an important clue.

Jason 01.15.2007
their are no knights in this chess set, i think i remember reading in another artical about a knight ... could be connected.
I think the chess peices are an important clue.

Somone asked if bombs are neutron initiated in response yes. Nuclear bombs are initiated by neutrons being blasted into the

Jason 01.15.2007
Their are no knights in this chess set, i think i remember reading in another artical about a knight ... could be connected.
I think the chess peices are an important clue.

Somone asked if bombs are neutron initiated in response yes. Nuclear bombs are initiated by neutrons being blasted into the

Refrences to bombs and then the "not what's in the head but what is the head" quote makes me think of war-heads.
The Colossians quote links well to my garden of eden theory. 

Lars 01.19.2010
Speaking of heads (greece translation, Where is the smiley head in this add?

Re: Thomasson and the greek translation.

Still looking for the actual reference, I know I know it from somewhere but it definitely isnt scripture.

Translation: Not the one (who/what) is in the head / on top, but (with)in what/whom the head is.

In the second half of the sentence it says EN W (within whom), two words, not ENW one word (while).

My take: (It isnt important) who is on top, but within whom the head (read: brains or knowledge and 
ability for heading/leading/being on top) is.

If I'm right, the quote had something to do with incapability of leadership. I think it could be 
byzantine, but thats more a gut feeling based on an obscure memory, so dont quote me. I'll keep looking.

I find your comments insightful, just nitpicking.

Mini 05/17/2015
Comments: "Totaliter Aliter" comes from latin, and means totally different.

It is used on the folllowing page, in the story thats told:	

The Greek means, "Not what is in the head, but what the head is in."