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Hance: See: Freaks 185 re: possible encoding hint.

Underlined chars, by line:
x p u a i i u 
P H i i
i (none)
n u 2 (The Asylum Choir)
a a (The Midget Tag Team)
e o a a e 
(The Orphanage)
a e o 

Zach 12.08.2005
The exempli gratia - "nullum amans vere, sed identidem omnium ilia rumpens" is from Catullus 11, lines 19-20, which
translates as "loving none truly, but again and again breaking (smashing) their groins."  This is written in reference to the many
lovers Catullus' ex-girlfriend Lesbia (a pseudonym for a woman named Clodia) had taken up as part of an attack on her.

Almost every underlined vowel, at least, would be scanned as long (following Latin poetic scansion). The syllables
underlined in the Catullus quote are all long, and most of the vowels outside of the quote are also long. I'm not up on english
scansion, and so I dont know about the e in Ireton, the o in Section or the i's in divided, but the rest are all followed by two
consonants (including across word breaks) and thus would be long by Latin rules (there is also the long ou dipthong in Tour.)  The
few underlined consonants (with the exception of P and H) also come as part of two-consonant groups (x scans as two consonants).  I
don't know what to make of this, if it is just coincidence or not.   Thought I would bring it up.

Juls 12.08.2005
Latin (exempli gratia: 'by way of example')- quote is from Poem 11 from C. Valerius Catullus - he is slagging off his mistress and
refers to her having several hundred lovers, the quoted bit has been translated thus: "loving none of them really, but again and
again rupturing every man's thighs."  
Full text can be found here:


The 'Hanjin Shanghai' appears to be a vessel of the Hanjin Shipping Co., 3FGI5 is its callsign. On 11th October it was heading for
the port of Pusan in South Korea, it's possible that they mean 9th November, either way its present activity seems to be making a
repeated round trip: Shanghai; Yantian, GuangDong; Hongkong; Pusan; Panama Canal; New York; Norfolk, VA; Savannah, GA; Panama
Canal; Pusan; Shanghai. You can check out the boat's schedule through a  link from here:


37.5833 N.,122.2500 W is in SF Bay.
42 degrees 31.4 N, 70 degrees 52.6 W is in Salem Harbour, MA.

C.F.R appears to be the Code of Federal Regulations.

12 C.F.R. section 201.51 lists interest rates at Federal Reserve Banks in January 2003, see here:

The relevant section of 211 - (if I got this right) is concerned with international operations of U.S. banking organisations.

12 C.F.R. section 211.5(b) : "(b)  Organization of an Edge corporation--(1) Permit. A proposed Edge corporation shall become a body
corporate when the Board issues a permit approving its proposed name, articles of association, and organization certificate." 

 12 C.F.R section 201.51 - the effective date of the interest rates quoted is 9 January 2003, one interpetation may be that
the shipment on the 'Arbella' is intended to be sent / arrive on 9 January (2006).

Re Sally (not a 'Roman whore') - the second sentence above seems to indicate that this 'Sally' may have been responsible in some
way for, or perhaps inspired, the formulation of the MayDay announcements. Past tense suggests that, whoever she was, she's passed

name: Anon 12/09/2005

clue:  Ok, this one's pretty easy.

Take all the various characters which are emphasized in some way not immediately apparent:

Here they are:


Rearrange that to:

Phoenix Avenue 2 Audio idea: Paen Io. Adieu.

Phoenix Avenue is a road you travel on to get to the American Philatelic Society in Pennsylvania.
As other posters noted, January 9 2006 seems to be the likely date.

The audio idea will likely be that one of the gang has set Sidney's "Astrophel and Stella" to
music. Note that "Stella" has the same number of letters as "Sallie."

sjwk 12/18/2005
re: Juls on the Hanjin Shanghai
the date listed is 9/11/05, which would presumably be September 11, not October. (or of course 9th
November - but despite correspondance, recorded messages and clues that seem to originate in
Europe and elsewhere, all date formats and spelling in the ads seem to be in American format so
can't see any reason for this date to be otherwise)
Anyway, 11th September puts the vessel leaving Virginia for Georgia.  Certainly nowhere near the
coordinates which you identified as being in SF bay.

Watson 12/21/2005
clue:  The ship mentioned, Hanjin Shanghai, can be tracked on this website:


However, there is no record of positional data for the date, 9/11/2005.  Maybe it was in port at
the time?

Juls 01.06.2006
Yep - I made a complete and utter cockup on the date (probably through trying to do half a dozen things at the same time as
usual) - I was gonna post a correction but since I didn't have anything else of use to post I didn't bother - reckoned folk could
figure it out for themselves anyhow :) I agree that the American date format is the most likely, but I just don't think it's wise
to go around taking things for granted here, need to keep the mind open to other possibilities - like maybe it's not even meant to
be a date atall, just made to look like one.  The coordinates do not appear to relate directly to any of the locations specified in
the Hanjin Shanghai schedule - but when was this thing ever that straightforward?  We have seen in one of the early announcements,
that a set of coordinates was used to convey a date and was apparently not a location atall - that in itself should signal that we
cannot necessarily take anything at face value - the coordinates could be conveying any manner of information - used to convey a
date / time as previously or as code for something else entirely, likewise with the information on the Hanjin Shanghai.  I don't
have much time to spend on this ATM, so I still don't have anything else useful to post yet. Later. :)

barmaid 01.09.2006
i've been following this for a while and have a suggestion.  are any of the freaks' names consistently associated with
particular sections?  the sections part seems very real to me.  i think they are spread out in different places but everybody lives
somewhere.  has any contributor matched up names with places?

Juls 01.12.2006
 Barmaid - a very tentative yes on that one, I think there is something like that going on, certain figures do seem to be
connected with certain areas - the two sections mentioned here, Dallas and Cambridge - if you dig back through you may be able to
pull out names connected with those two areas especially.  I've been trying to build a database that would obviate this kind of
thing, it's a lot of work, far from done and I haven't looked at it since the beginning of December.  I have got some vague
impressions of who may be where - too vague to post up yet though - I've made myself look like a divvie too many times on this site
already. :) 

Rich 01/24/2006
Winter Tour, 2005 : The Asylum Choir booked passage on the Hanjin Shanghai (3FGI5), 9/11/2005 at 27.5833 N., 122.2500 W., including luggage forwared by the Midget Tag Team.
"Winter Tour, 2005 : The Asylum Choir booked passage on the Hanjin Shanghai (3FGI5), 9/11/2005 at 27.5833 N., 122.2500 W., including luggage forwared by the Midget Tag Team."

Relates to this letter (http://www.maydaymystery.org/mayday/offsite/letter12102005/inside.jpg)
The lat/lon is the San Mateo brige, and the date is the same as the accident mentioned in the letter.

LLCoolDave 02.04.2006
As far as I can see This is Sally's second mention.  She is referenced in the Jan 20, 1988 text in a quote that
is similar to a blues song.  Please check my note there.  The way she is mentioned here I must agree with 'Juls' as
the "Past tense suggests that, whoever she was, she's passed
on."  She must have been someone close to the Orphanage as the Blues song from James Booker: "Junco Partner."


has her name in place of the word 'lover'.

IJ/JI 02.08.2006
After all that has been said on these pages, I think this is ex BooHoo Bible/Brotherhood of Eternal Love people - It's
been so long since I was into that stuff I'm sketchy on it now - but weren't they all pretty learned Yalies and Harvaardks? The
eclecticism, esoteric spiritualism and pop references remind me of the style of the BooHoo Bible which relates through the
Leary/Kleps,etc., etc., nexus to the B.E.L. which I believe was a west coast affiliate of that group of advanced acidheads. Come
to think of it, it reminds me of Leary's book "Politics of Ecstasy" too for some reason. I think it gives me the same sense of
being a hoax aimed at mystical braniacs.

They're intellectual jet-set bikers/'commodity traders', or should I say privateers? San Francisco. Boston. Mexico. Acid. Gold.
Africa. Christ. Pigs. Mysteriousness. Ontology. ONTOLOGY! Dammit Leary! Shut up about ontology already! These are conceptual
choices very similar to the the ones in the BooHoo Bible; the intent to mystify with erudition but remain just a bit beyond grasp
strikes me as possibly pseudo-Joycean funzies: kids with a secret clubhouse. It could be in-group code for drug and gold and [??]
deals - a bunch of spiritual, educated, mobile ex-beatnik drug and illicit substance dealers/traders and these are their
announcements for parties or get-togethers where they all travel to - and they're having a good bit of fun at it as well. Seeing
this website eggs them on so it's all feeding back 'n stuff. What a mess. What fun if you're brilliant though, as you all seem to

Either that or maybe it's Umberto Ecologists leading a merry chase and "What you lose on the roundabout you gain on the swings!"

Or perhaps it's something really heavy...but if it really is something super-secret, they're sure doing a lot of advertising
aren't they? I thought arch masterminds mainly only left arcane clues for Batman. Am I wrong about this? 

Keeping this line of thought going, they also seem like 'filter' ads designed to locate people like themselves (who know too
much) to hook up with. They just check this website and when they see someone who seems to be at their level of discourse, maybe
they get in touch.  

Keep it coming, I'm fascinated too...but really I just want to hear their secret plan. The ads get a real shaggy dog feeling
after reading them all at once and considering the actual timescale...again, like the Boo Hoo Bible.

cynic2 02.14.2006
How long has it been since we heard something about Ireton?  Since the bunch that does this is obsessed with time I wonder
if the timing of the names isn't important.  By timing I mean how often in between mentions?  Sequencing is very important in
computer programming and that would be one way to send clues to the insiders without telling the rest of us anything of

D. Thomasson 02.21.2006
General Clues:  It appears that the creator of the Mayday announcements was extremely influenced by the 1979 publication of
the Pulitzer Prize Winner book called Godel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid by Douglas R. Hofstadter, Basic Books, Inc.  The
20th-anniversary Edition (1999) is excellent reading.

This book mentions most of the mathematicians, philosophers, and other intellectual giants referenced in the paid cryptic
advertisements.  Clues to cracking several of the ciphers can be found in this book, even the ones dealing with musical notation. 
I highly suggest that everyone that wants a better understanding of the Mayday Mystery, read the above book in its entirety (or at
list a thorough skim of the 777 pages).  Note the "777" pages!

It is a metaphorical fugue on minds and machines in the spirit of Lewis Carroll.

Additional information can be found by reading about the life of Thomas Pynchon, and reading all of his writings.

The Mayday Mystery's "Eternal Golden Braid" is that of the Father of the Reformation:  Martin Luther.  From the first advertisment,
to no doubt the last advertisement(if there ever be such a thing) points to everlasting life through YHWH, or - "Live Long and
Prosper" as Spock on Star Trek would say.

One other book I would like to mention is called: Jesus Freaks, Stories of Those Who Stood for Jesus:  The Ultimate Jesus Freaks by
dc Talk and The Voice of the Martyrs, 1999, Albury Publishing.  Ref: pp 264-265 about Martin Luther.  Perhaps this book is a clue
to who the Freaks are in the Mayday Mystery.  If that be the case, I guess I'm definitely a member of the Freaks.

I have a sense that the author of these advertisements was once a radio operator, or signal corpsman in the navy, during previous
military duty.  The author is most likely currently a ham operator referencing frequencies, USB (Upper Sideband - Voice), modes of
transmission, carrier signals, and what not as in May 1, 2004 ad. By the way, cut out all the individual blocks around the cross of
maps from this ad.  Rearrange the 64 blocks in the following order:

Level 1 = [Faces 1-4, circled numbers 5-11],

Level 2 = [Eight Greek letters with a number 2 at the bottom right of each letter],

Level 3 = [24 Greek Letters]

Level 4 = [Hebrew letters] Math, Chemistry, Physics symbols (higher level of encryption).  Notice which Hebrew letters are missing.

After rearranging the blocks in numerical and alphabetical order, read the message.  You will have two larger blocks without
letters or circled numbers, but they do make up the final two squares of the total 64 squares.  Remember the chess puzzles
sprinkled throughout these ads, perhaps the correct move of the chess piece on the board represents the square or location on a 64
grid map or 64 grid message.

I made the following corrections to the maps.html section:  this might not paste properly.

Coordinates              Where it is                     Which page  
19N x 72.48E             Bombay, India                   ????? 
31.46N x 106.28W         El Paso, Texas                  ??????
51.53N x 12.40E          Wittenberg / Lutherstadt,
                         Germany                         97-dec3, 96-may1
46.31N x 6.11E           Geneva, Switzerland             may 96 
51.30N x 0.7W            London, England                 97-dec39
42.25N x 71.10W          Arlington / Cambridge
                         Boston, Massachusetts           97-dec39
31.14N x 110.57W         Heroica Nogales, Mexico
                         (just South of Arizona)         ????
37.52 N 122.18W          Berkeley, California            91-may1
38.44N x 9.9W            Lisboa, Spain                   91-may1 
32.17N x 96.47W          Dallas, Texas                   86-may1

Please put the coordinates in Mapquest.com. For West coordinates, start with a "-" minus symbol.  Great maps! Zoom down to the
street level, or all the way out to the full state or country level.

I would like to thank everyone here that has posted excellent clues.  Jessica's exhaustive XLS spreadsheet of all the people
mentioned in these ads is most excellent.  I hope to receive an updated spreadsheet from her.

Hance, thanks for this wonderful site.  Your untiring diligence in keeping this site updated is commendable.

Lastly, I would like to thank THE ORPHANAGE for providing the rest of the world a voluminous amount of intellectual intrigue
through each of the various levels of academia in all Mayday advertisements.  I've learned some new languages, mathematics, a vast
amount about the Protestant Reformation, and of the other great reformers of science, philosophy, and theology.  Shalom!

D. Thomasson - 02.23.2006
	THE ORPHANAGE (notice the "12" letters) pays tribute to Kathleen M. Ollerenshaw by using her most perfect 12x12 pandiagonal
magic square throughout these ads. Kathleen was 92 years old in 2004. She was a great mathematician.  With David Bree, she wrote: 
Most-perfect Pandiagonal Magic Squares:  Their Construction and Enumeration, Southend-On-Sea : Institute of Mathematics and its
Applications, 1998, ISBN 090509106x.

A most-perfect square is one which is magic and pandiagonal and all 2x2 subsquares have the same sum, even when the square is
considered on a torus.  Ref:  http://science-frontiers.com/sf127/sf127p17.htm or
http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carr%C3%A9_magique_plus_que_parfait  (French).

Reference ads for Dec 5, 2001; May 1, 2000; Dec 1, 1999.

Please go to http://www.5xm.com/turing/photos/photo_8.html to see a picture of Kathleen Ollerenshaw.  She pays tribute to Alan
Turing's 50th Anniversary of his death by unveiling a plaque at a home where he once lived in Manchester.  See the plaque at
http://www.5xm.com/turing/photos/photo_12.html.  The plaque states:  "ALAN TURING, 1912-1954, Founder of computer science and
cryptographer, whose work was key to breaking the wartime Enigma codes, lived and died here." Both Alan and Kathleen were born in

THE ORPHANAGE ads are also in the spirit of Roger Bacon's Scientific Method.  Let me explain how I came up with this idea.  By
using Kathleen's 12x12 Magic Square, I overlayed the octagonal board containing 120 squares from the bottom middle of the May 1,
1992 ad, on top of the 12x12 magic square with all 144 numbers included.  The octagonal board is really a 12x12 board with the
corner sections cut off, reducing each corner by 6 squares each for a total of 24 squares removed.

Looking at the lighter greyed in sqaures along the outer perimeter, I noticed they showed 14 numbers.  Starting from the top left
portion of the octagon, and moving clockwise around the perimeter, the grey squares represent the following numbers:  94, 63, 130,
126, 29, 104, 85, 68, 87, 141, 116, 76, 16, and 132.  I added up these fourteen numbers to get a total of 1267.

In 1267, Roger Bacon published his Scientific Method in three volumes:  Opus Majus - "Greator Work," Opus Minus - "Lessor Work,"
and Opus Tertium - "Third Work."  He sent these works to the Pope in which he expounded on his fundamental ideas:  that education
ought to be rooted in the physical, the tangible, the observable, the measurable; that curriculum should center on languages, as
well as metaphysical disciplines, especially mathematics, geometry, alchemy, and optics.  While theology & other esoteric
disciplines - he never advocated abandoning them - they should only play a secondary role in education.  Studying metaphysical
disciplines, experimenting & observing, opened the mind of the student in ways that esoteric disciplines could not, & it was this
opening of the mind which enhanced one's knowledge.

This previous information about Roger Bacon comes from: http://www.psicop-zone.com/dennis/rbacon,.html.

Coincidentally, the year 1267 happens to be the birth date of Giotto, the famous Italian painter (1267-1337) that is also known as
the Father of the Renaissance.  Renaissance literally means "Rebirth."

Pay close attention to the following items in each ad:

1. Texts with underlines,
2. Bold text,
3. Italic text,
4. All Caps text.

Some of these items can be used in conjunction with the various boards, whether Chess postions (May 1, 1995) and other places, Go
positions (Dec 2, 1998), or even other boards such as the octagonal one I just previously mentioned (May 1, 1992).

Now I'm not saying that Kathleen Ollerenshaw is "Sally" mentioned in this ad, but it would certainly be fitting for THE ORPHANAGE
to give her great praise.

D. Thomasson 02.23.2006

clue:  To help the readers of this site, and those so interested in solving the cryptic ADW ads, I would like to share with you
some brief insights.

In my previous posts to this site, I have mentioned people such as Douglas R. Hofstadter, Kathleen M. Ollerenshaw, Lewis Carroll,
Alan Turing, and Roger Bacon.  Each of these folks were keen on academics, and very fine cryptographers.

Just as there are various levels (normally 4) used throughout these ads, there are various levels of encryption to the ads and all
of the ads together as a whole.

To get a better understanding of deciphering some of these ads, here are five books that I recommend.  However, most of the ads are
extremely easy to decipher without needing prior knowledge of cryptology.

1. The Code Book by Simon Singh, ISBN 0-385-49531-5 or ISBN 0-00763-574-5 (paperback)

2. In Code - A Mathematical Journey by Sarah Flannery with David Flannery, ISBN 0-7611-2384-9

3. Codes, Ciphers, & Other Cryptic & Clandestine Communication - Making and Breaking Secret Messages from Hieroglyphs to the
Internet by Fred B. Wrixon, ISBN 0-7607-5478-0

4. Code Breaking - A History and Exploration by Rudolf Kippenhahn, ISBN 0-87951-919-3 or ISBN 1-58567-089-8 (paperback)

5. Cryptanalysis - A Study of Ciphers and Their Solution by Heln Fouche Gaines, 1956, Dover Publications, SBN 486-20097-3.

Enjoy and have fun learning.

D. Thomasson 02.26.2006
Here are a few more comments concerning Roger Bacon that I previously mentioned in another post.

When Bacon discloses various "enigmas" to the Pope in his Opus tertium they turn out to be rather banal bits and pieces of
alchemical lore, which most educated people of the time must have known, such as the correspondence between the seven metals and
the seven celestial bodies, or the sulfur-mercury theory of metal formation.

His conception of science constitutes the amplification of his alchemy, and it implicitly links the alchemical process that
produces the elixir of life to the soteriological path that leads through Christian morality to eternal salvation.

In all of Bacon's later works, he attempted to integrate all knowledge into a scientia integralis, an integrated, universal
science. His vision of this universal science had its roots in his study around 1247 of The Secrets of Secrets, a book that
spuriously purports to be the occult and most profound teachings of the philosopher Aristotle.

It was one of the most widely-read texts of the High Middle Ages. Medieval readers took the ascription to Aristotle as authentic
and treated this work among Aristotle's genuine works. It was on the medieval "best-seller" list for hundreds of years. Scholarly
attention waned around 1550 but lay interest has continued to this day in particular with devotÚs of the Occult.
Scholars today see it as a window onto medieval intellectual life: it was used in a variety of scholarly contexts, and had some
part to play in the scholarly controversies of the day.

When Roger Bacon found the treatise he believed it was a path to discovery that would yield more divine revelation than a lifetime
of study of Albertus or Aquinas. He spent his familys fortune on "secret books and various experiments, and on languages and
instruments, and astronomical tables" but the materials that he sought were "difficult and most expensive, for which reason those
who know the art ... are not able to operate and the books on that science are so secreted that a man can scarcely find them".
Eventually Bacon accomplished little on his own experimentation, depending instead on firsthand accounts from others who had tried.
In his quest to discover the secrets from others, he learned from travelers returning from China, of a substance called
"blackpowder" and a device "a size as small as the human thumb" packed with this powder produced "a horrible noise" when set on

Secretum secretorum is a medieval treatise also known as Secret of Secrets, or The Book of the Secret of Secrets, or in Arabic
Kitab sirr al-asrar, or the Book of the science of government: on the good ordering of statecraft. It is a mid-12th century Latin
translation of a 9th century Arabic encyclopedic treatise on a wide range of topics including statecraft, ethics, physiognomy,
astrology, alchemy, magic, and medicine.  Read more at:



If you would like me to share some examples on how to use the CLAVIS "KEY" (88-May1), Rack of Pool Balls with 15 factorial
different combinations (87-Apr8/88-May1), or some of the various boards (Chess, GO, or Octogon) and matrices in cryptography,
please let me know.


03.16.2006 D. Thomasson
Mr. Hance, I solved the 668 key.  Please see the following URL:


I was unable to post info for letters100302.html (Letter 2, Pic2 - Chess Position under Texts so I will share the info here.  The
game is of little significance, but you can play through it at http://www.worldchessacademy.com/Mayday-Mystery.htm.

What is significant about the game is the actual picture itself:  width = 777 pixels, Height = 568 pixels (5*6*8 = 240, and
5!+6!+8! = 41160 = 4+1+1+6+0 = 12).

On the same date, Letter 3, Pic1 -"Boat People" is a picture of a small sail boat with the number 6275.  If you factorialize each
digit and add them together you get 6!+2!+7!+5! = 5882.  If you subtract 3760 (Jewish Calendar years) from 5882 you get 2122. 
Remember Alice and Wonderland - Through the Looking Glass?  Mirror 2122 to get 2212.  Look up Revelation 22:12 and following.  Here
it is in the KJV:

Rev. 22:12 "And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be."
Rev. 22:13 "I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last."

Shinjitsu 03.19.2006
Just a suggestion on my part... the Underlined Letters in the latin may not be the true letters to look at, but rather the
letters after translation would be relevant...PH, perhaps pertaining to a acidic level, PHi perhaps the greek letter of Phi like
"semper fi" only with a Phi, and have you yet tried connecting the locations in a line on a map (like how if one does that on a map
of D.C. one makes an inverted pentegram among other things...) best regards, Shinjitsu

D. Thomasson 03.30.2006

To understand the theology behind all the ADW announcements, and the reasons for the Confessio Augustana (Augsburg Confession) anniversary celebrations, please read the Triglot Concordia (The Symbolical Books of the Evangelical Lutheran Church) at: http://www.borderschess.org/TrigBOC.pdf

D. Thomasson 04.08.2006
In this 05-dec7 announcement there are 35 (3+5=8) regular underlined letters whose added gematria value equals 396. There are 27 (2+7=9) bold + underlined letters whose added gematria value equals 275. And there are 9 italic + bold + underline letters whose added gematria value equals 69.

Add up all the gematria values of the these letters to get 740.

Factorialize and add the positive integers of 740 (7!+4!=5064). Multiply the positive digits of 5064 (5*6*4 = 120).

The gematria of total underlined letters when taken separately as just underlined (8), bold+underlined (9), and italic+bold+underlined (9) can be combined to make 899. Rotate 899 180 degrees to get 668. Both 120 and 668 are key numbers used throughout the ADW announcements.

See especially: http://www.borderschess.org/668.htm

Along the same lines as above, many words can be made with a digital calculator using hexadecimal numbers. The gematria value of the words could then be converted to decimal, octal, or other base number systems to create significant numbers.

The theme of the b1bLE (37919), and especially Revelation, is one of hOPE (3d04) for a New Kingdom (New Jerusalem), and for everlasting life, or life after death.

hOPE (3d04 hex) equals 15620 dec. 15620 oct equals 7056 dec (12*12*7*7) or (144*49) or (12^2+12^3*4)

Check out the number values for THE ASYLUM CHOIR:

T(20) + H(8) + E(5) = 33
A(1) + S(19) + Y(25) + L(12) + U(21) + M(13) and C(3) + H(8) + O(15) + I(9) + R(18) = 144

Add up all the number values for each letter in the following:

THE = 33
LITTLE ORPHAN CHILDREN (in other ADW announcements) = 232 (2+3+2=7) and (2*3*2=12)

THE = 33
LOYAL ORDER OF UN-RECONSTRUCTED FREAKS (in other ADW announcements) = 406 (4*6=24 or 12+12)

anonymous 04.19.2006
clue:  SR/CL

To strain against the mortal coil
On foundations solid in all four directions
Arms weid and facing forward,
by spirit in the shape of the sun

V.S., Is this your work? If so, email me at daath@hushmail.com.

B.B. and R.F.,
F. Apsu

bhance - if daath@hushmail.com would like to drop me a line, also, I'd appreciate it.
Juls 05.01.2006
Re. the underlined characters - the first two, which are also italicised - x p - may be read as chi rho, used as a monogram
for Christ - the 'labarum' - it is not usually used by Protestants however.  AFAIK it is mainly a Catholic thing, it may also be
associated with time via Chronos. 

mbs 05.09.2006
Sally is addressed directly in the Sept 20th, 2000 announcement as well.  Poignant.

Eri: 07.03.2006
I think "come about" is a sailing term meaning to turn the boat around facing the wind. The Wiktionary definition
(http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/come_about) is "To position a boat with respect to the wind after tacking." To tack = "sailing ship
maneover which changes course by sailing into the wind"

Here's a diagram of the maneuver: http://learntosail.net/cbout.html	

near a terminal 08.07.2006
Appears that major changes have been in progress for months.  "Prepare to come about" normally means GET DOWN to
the on-deck crewmen, along with the point that Eri makes in regard to position.  If you don't hit the deck you catch it
in the teeth because the sails are rapidly changing position. For the non-water-people, the sails change position
rapidly and sweep over the decks at the order of the helmsman. The sea hags and little fishies have had many a feast
from stupid crewmen who were either knocked over the rail or had their half-wit skulls smashed by the booms and so
ended up pitched over the rail because they were dead and useless even if still onboard. Seems like it all fits. 
Alberich and Winthrop they certainly wouldn't want to lose as those names go way back.

Galilite 10.12.2006
Could "Sally" be the founder of the Orphanage or the person who suggested the idea of communication through these ads via "misshapen calligraphy" and "sophomoric fragments"? Unlike encrypted emails which can draw attention of "Pigs and Hirelings"?

Obviously, Sally has passed away by the time of this ad. It seems that s/he published the previous ads. Compare the last two - they are *much* less cryptic. Following the "3rd level breach", it is not certain at all the Orphanage will follow their established mode of communication. In fact, it is likely May 1 2006 was the last ad.

mhum 04.04.2007
	42 31.4N 70 52.6W appears to be the Salem Harbor Power Station (see:
http://oaspub.epa.gov/enviro/fii_query_dtl.disp_program_facility?p_registry_id=110000310459 and

Lighioana 04.04.2007
42░31.4N, 70░52.6W is here:link

37.5833░N, 122.2500░W is here:link