Repub and Koen and everybody else overseas - I guess you don't feel like flying in, but we'll keep you posted. I'm blanking out some of the names and emails here lest anybody else start getting spammed by the Orphanage folks.

Everybody at the UA, of course, is welcome to bring friends who might be into this sort of thing.

Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2000 21:26:10 -0700 (MST)
From: Bryan  Hance 
To: David <>,,,
Subject: Mayday mystery madness

David has requested Xeroxes of all the mayday pages I have in an
attempt to better grasp the weirdness that is the Mystery. Thus, I'm
ripping off 30-odd fullsize copies tonight - if anybody else wants to ruin
their free time, say the word, and I will make more sets. :) Think before
requesting, though, they're kind of a bitch for me to copy, so don't ask
for them and then not expect me to pester you for clue input once you have

David had another good idea, which is an actual (gasp) meeting of those of
us at the UA to trade notes and possibly crank out a little brainstorming
on this whole freakshow known as the Mystery. My schedule (and his) both
suck, and we're looking at the end-of-the-week - Friday, as the best
possible day. 

Now, I value my fridays as much as the next guy, but I have also sworn to
myself that I will put a serious DENT in this puzzle now that I'm out of
school, so I'm up for meeting - if anybody else is, please say so now,
and we'll figure out a time and place. Being Friday, though, you will have
to excuse my repetitive insisting that the meeting place serve beer. :)

You may reply to me ( if you want to avoid spamming
everybody with the minute details of your friday schedule...

----bhance, ignoring real work in leiu of some @$#%$%ing Mystery.

P.S. sycraft - do me a favor and forward this to Jade-E  - I lost his

Well, the meeting went pretty good - we/I got an email earliler in the day from the
Orphanage, who had a lot to say about the whole meeting concept. For those of you that 
didn't have it sent directly to your email, you can check it out  

an interesting read. I haven't had the chance to turn it into ascii yet.. 
(my version of MS Word sucks... so its wordperfect for now.)

As for the meeting itself - Sycraft was the first one to show up, and after talking the 
bouncer into letting him come in with me, we ended up meeting Haycock - good to have
him working on this, as we discussed a few previous puzzles he has worked 
on, some of which sound like they make this Mayday Mystery look like cake. Anyway, 
he now has a full set of the pages and I'm sure has already spent far too much time
this weekend poring over them. 

Ashton also showed up, which was a nice surprise, and proceeded to crank out a few 
hebrew translations for us... at this point, what with three people there, poring over
obscure pages and not ordering any food, so we were probably freaking the waitresses 

At this point we passed a few of the coins around and ooh'ed and aah'd at the marble 
from the Sept. 25th package. This, the arrival of coughlin, and two or three beers 
contributed to a few debates on the 'chirality' references  
( and a renewed round 
of speculation as to the Mystery's origins in general, and many theories were tossed

Eventually, it became apparent that everybody wanted a while to look over the pages
before proceeding any further. I warned everybody not to let the pages consume their
next 48 hours, and we adjourned.... I had the nagging suspicion that the Xerox'd 
page sets contributed to a great deal of insomnia that evening. 

I expect an influx of clues around tuesday and wednesday.... :)

-bryan "anodyne boy" hance